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The Ab Chair is a chair, much like the standard lawn chair, but is seated on hinges that allow the chair to move with the individual. This machine helps to keep the user off the ground while allowing them to complete a crunch. Using the Ab Chair, a complete range of motion is possible, allowing for the back to flex completely and stretch. Easy to fold up, it can fit into the life styles of most individuals and help America on its way to a thinner waist line and a healthier lifestyle.

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Ab Chair Machine

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There is a lot of controversy regarding the Ab Chair in that it is very similar to the Ab Lounge 2. The similarities are clearly visible as the weights and limits of the two are almost identical. The sizes of the devices are comparable and the results are the same. The manner of use is also identical to the Ab Lounge 2. None the less, the price for the Ab Chair is less than that of the Ab Lounge 2. Despite all of these similarities, the Ab Chair has not had to be pulled from the market by its producers.

The Ab Chair consists of a chair frame of rolled steel, hinges to provide the motion and a canvas material to support the user. There are bands that can be added to machine to provide additional resistance. There is a strap at the top of the chair to allow one to grip hold of while completing the abdominal exercises. In addition there is a handle at either side of the machine for the comfort of the user. There is a foot bar that is adjustable to allow for people to feel comfortable in the chair and stable. The whole unit is held off the ground by a steel frame.

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  • Ability to do side abdominal muscles by simply turning the torso before completing a crunch.
  • Keeps the user off the ground.
  • Adjustable foot rests help to make it easier for tall or short people to use the machine.
  • Folds nicely for storage.
  • Allows for a full range of motion, enabling one to stretch and exercise the back as well as the abdominals.


  • The max weight of the individual using the machine is 250.
  • Resistance levels are low, although they can be increased with additional bands.
  • Easy to cheat while doing the exercise, placing the work load on other muscles rather than the abdominal muscles.
  • Bars tend to be rather uncomfortable while completing the exercise.


All in all, this machine does not come highly recommended. For being this close to the ground, you may find that you get a better work out on the ground doing a real crunch. This machine might make for a better chair in the lawn rather than a piece of exercise equipment in the gym.

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