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The AB Flyer was created to minimize stress on the back, neck, and shoulders. The Ab Flyer helps work your abs out while sitting in a swiveling chair and continuously stretching the muscles to their maximum potential. The product manufacturers recommend that this workout regimen be supplemented with a low calorie diet. This combination, while maintaining a healthy diet, is supposed to result in weight loss and a smaller waist.

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This product is designed for a workout that pushes the user while minimizing stress on joints. It is available for purchase at a variety of locations, but as far as abdominal machines go, it is quite expensive. Also, the main page of the official website states that the results shown are not to be expected.

The machine does have a mechanism that can change the resistance level to fit the level of the user. This makes the AB Flyer capable of being used by anyone, no matter what his or her fitness level is. Backed up by some Olympic athletes, and well known by many, this machine is already popular in the fitness world, and is a reliable piece of equipment if utilized to its full potential.

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  • The AB Flyer is built of lightweight material, and can be stored in a relatively small area.
  • It is a great workout program for the few people who are in good enough physical shape to maintain a rigorous exercise regimen while eating extremely healthy. For others it is an average workout that could also be achieved by doing crunches on the floor.
  • Another advantage of this machine is that it reduces stress on muscles and joints that are not being used.


  • The major disadvantage to the AB Flyer is its price. There are several other products that give similar results, and this one costs nearly ten times as much.
  • Also, this can be very difficult for someone that is just starting out. Most beginners cannot balance a strenuous workout regimen and a strict low calorie diet.
  • Finally, another disadvantage is the size. Although it can be stored in a relatively small area for a piece of gym equipment, it is a lot bigger than other products that are capable of producing the same result.


While this equipment has produced good results, the price is just too much for a machine that only works out one muscle group. Other devices are less expensive, and much smaller. Also, the low calorie diet that accompanies the AB Flyer cold be very difficult to maintain.

One of the best ways to get in shape is by working out on your own without equipment. If you can regularly workout without a machine while using supplements and eating right, you will get into shape quicker, be able to go at your own pace, and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

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