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The Ab Wheel by Altus, is a small piece of personal fitness equipment that works the abdominal muscles. Two handles are attached to a wheel. The user holds the handles and gently rolls forward, causing contraction in the abdominal muscles. After rolling to a plank position, the user pulls back on the wheel, rolling to the starting position. The constant contraction on the abdominal muscles creates a positive and negative exercise for abdominal muscle.

The Altus Ab Wheel can be purchased from a variety of websites and in offline stores. The average price is less than $10. Users must have strong abdominal muscles and back muscles to prevent injury using the wheel. The abdominal muscles are also some of the smallest muscles in the body so increasing abdominal strength and building stomach muscles will not greatly affect metabolism.

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Wheel with handles for abdominal workouts.

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Dieters often wonder why most workouts focus on the lower body and larger muscle groups. Building muscle increases resting metabolism. Abdominal and upper body muscles are small, thus increasing muscle mass in these areas does not greatly impact metabolism. During a workout, smaller muscles burn fewer calories. Larger muscles groups burn more calories at work and at rest. The most effective workouts focus on quadriceps and other large muscle groups.

The Ab Wheel may not work for every dieter. The wheel requires great back and abdominal strength to prevent injury. If the dieter is overweight with weak abdominal muscles, they may not be able to hold themselves on the wheel or control the movement of the wheel on the way down. It may also be difficult to pull body weight back to starting position, but someone out of shape.

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  • May work abdominal muscles for greater definition.
  • Less expensive than other personal fitness equipment.


  • Requires abdominal and back strength to use.
  • Will not greatly increase metabolism.
  • Will not burn enough calories to boost weight loss.
  • May cause injury if not used properly.


The abdominal muscles have very little impact on metabolism and weight loss. Dieters wanting to start an exercise program may be lured into buying the Ab Wheel because of the low cost, but it will likely sit in a corner after the first try. There is also the potential for injury. Upper body, lower body, abdominal and back strength is required to hold body weight on the wheel.

Dieters may see better weight loss results from taking a diet supplement with green tea, white tea, caffeine or chromium. These supplements are proven to increase metabolism and boost weight loss. They will not sit in the corner after the first try like the Ab Wheel.

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