Abs Back Natural Sculpting Review

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What You Should Know

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The Abs Back Natural Sculpting System uses herbs and body wraps to slim the abdominals and reduce the look of cellulite around the midsection. The official website for the system is no longer functional, but plenty of information is available on the program and program claims. According to one source of information, a topical cream is applied to the skin around the abdomen. Cloth is wrapped around the area and the user sits for a specified time while the topical cream works to reduce inches and slim abdominals.

List of Ingredients

No ingredient list could be found for the topical cream.

Product Features

Cellulite reducing creams are a fad invention created with caffeine to dehydrate the space between fat cells. The result is a slimmer look and possible a reduction in waist size for a short time. As the space between fat cells refills with water, the size of the waist will expand again.

The Abs Back Natural Sculpting System is like a combination of a cellulite reducing cream and a set of body wrap cloths. The user rubs the cream around the waist and wraps the skin tightly. As the cream works to dehydrate the uppermost layer under the skin, the waist gets smaller. The wrap helps by constricting the waist and producing heat to aid in dehydration.

While topical cellulite reducing creams do work to create a smaller waist size, the results are not dramatic nor are they permanent. The space between those fat cells will pull water from the body and plump up again. In the mean time, those tight fitting pants may feel a bit looser than before.

The Abs Back Natural Sculpting System sold for $49, but we could not find any online retailers currently selling the product. There are plenty of retailers selling similar products. A topical reduction kit like the Abs Back Natural Sculpting System does not offer a long-term solution for weight loss or fat reduction. Dieters will still have to eat right and exercise to lose weight and abdominal fat. This program does not even support healthy exercise, according to the online product description.

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  • May reduce the size of the waist, temporarily.


  • No longer available for sale.
  • The official website is not currently available.
  • No long-term fat loss.
  • No boost in metabolism.


The Abs Back Natural Sculpting System likely uses a caffeine-based topical cream to dehydrate skin. Though the result may be smaller waist size, it will only last a short time. The topical cream may cause skin rash in dieters with sensitive skin. There are no fat burning or weight loss benefits associated with the Abs Back Natural Sculpting System.

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