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What You Should Know

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Accuslim Fat Blocker allows the dieter to eat a treat without feeling guilty. According to the official Accuslim website, fiber is the key to blocking the digestion and absorption of fat. Fat is trapped before being broken down and used for energy or stored. This could greatly reduce the number of calories that special high fat treat contributed to the diet. There is no mention of how much fat is blocked.

List of Ingredients

Liposan Ultra: Chitosan.

Vitamin C.

Product Features

There is nothing in Accuslim Fat Blocker aside from chitosan and vitamin C. Chitosan comes from seafood shells like shrimp and crab. Supposedly, chitosan surrounds fat and allows it to pass through the digestive tract without being absorbed. There are several studies available to support this claim, but the studies are not enough for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In 2004, was contacted by the FDA in reference to two supplements containing chitosan. The supplements claimed to bind to fat and thus increase weight loss. The FDA said scientific data was not strong enough to prove this claim true.

Accuslim Fat Blocker also claims to be more absorbable than other chitosan supplements. Typically fat blockers have to be taken 30 minutes to one hour before meals. Accuslim Fat Blocker quickly absorbs so it can be taken at meal time without the need to wait up to an hour. There is no link to a clinical or research trial proving this supplement works faster than other fat blockers.

The only other ingredient listed for Accuslim Fat Blocker is vitamin C. While vitamin C is great for overall health, including improving immune system function and fighting off the common cold, there is no link between vitamin C and weight loss. There is only 60 mg of vitamin C at that and most supplements will include at least 500 mg for improved health.

Accuslim Fat Blocker sells for $49.95 plus shipping and handling. It can be purchased as a standalone supplement or in combination with other Accuslim supplements like Carb Blocker and Chromium Complex.

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  • Ingredients are listed for consumers to read.
  • Accuslim supports online ordering from the manufacturer.


  • Chitosan is not proven to increase weight loss.
  • The FDA issued a warning letter to a supplement company for false claims about chitosan and fat binding.


The road to weight loss is one that requires moderation at meal time and increased exercise. There are proven supplements that can make the journey to lose weight a bit easier, but they do not include blocking fats or carbohydrates. Green tea and chromium are fantastic ingredients that may be more effective than a chitosan fat blocker like Accuslim Fat Blocker.

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