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Acomplia is a European prescription drug that’s used to combat obesity in men and women. This drug is also known as Rimonabant or Zimulti, but is not offered or approved in the United States. Apparently this drug is a rather new class of diet products which are considered therapeutic agents of Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Blockers. Acomplia may also assist users with smoking cessation, however, it has not been approved for this purpose. At this point, it seems that this anti-obesity drug is only available in Europe.

Put simply, Acomplia basically works by blocking Cannabinoid-1 Receptors in the user’s brain and organs. This not only assists the metabolism, but additionally suppresses appetite. This way users are less likely to crave food so often, and will in turn consume less each day. By taking Acomplia, overall body weight and energy levels are better controlled. As you may have already guessed, this prescription diet drug is intended to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet plan and regular fitness regimen. Some studies reveal that Acomplia may assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. This drug can be taken by obese individuals suffering with Type 2 diabetes.

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Acomplia is a weight loss drug that’s only utilized and distributed in Europe at this time. It was apparently approved in 2006. However, this anti-obesity drug is not approved for use in the United States or other parts of the world. By blocking Cannabinoid-1 Receptors in the user’s brain and organs, weight is ideally dropped, and energy levels are restored. There were clinical trials and studies done on Acomplia, which produced varying results. At this point, the common side effects involved with taking Acomplia are vomiting and nausea. These negative side effects affected around 19% of the people involved in the study.

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  • There have been clinical studies conducted on Acomplia.
  • This weight loss drug is stated to be suitable for obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Acomplia may assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


  • Acomplia is a fairly new diet drug to the market, considering it just came out in 2006.
  • Side effects for this weight loss drug include nausea and vomiting.
  • Acomplia is not available in the United States or any other countries except Europe at this time.
  • The clinical trials for this weight loss drug vary, and may seem inconsistent to some individuals.


In the end, Acomplia is one of the newer anti-obesity drugs currently offered to potentially assist with weight reduction. At this point, it is difficult to determine if this is the best diet product to choose, even if it is available where you live. It’s important to remember that Acomplia just came out in 2006, which makes it fairly new to the weight loss scene in comparison to some others. Naturally, it’s always prudent to consult your physician when it comes to obesity and healthy weight loss. This way you can get a better idea of what supplement or prescription drug is most suitable for you.

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    Acomplia was taken off the US and other markets in 2008 due to high incidents of depression leading to suicide.


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    Gary Seegers

    How do you purchase Acomplia? Where is it available?


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    do you have acomplia brand? not the generic.


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