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Alternate Day Fasting is a diet that works by doing just what the name implies; fasting every other day. This concept has been around for decades or possibly longer. By eating every other day you can trick your body’s metabolism and cause it to burn fat at a much faster pace than it would normally be burning. Studies have been conducted in animals and have shown a decrease in weight. Some human trials have been found to be documented and have also shown weight loss. The trials found were only conducted on non obese individuals. The human trials also found a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol giving Alternate Day Fasting an added health benefit. The subjects in the studies did claim to be very hungry and irritable on the fasting days and this did not ease up at all over the course of the study. An alternate method to completely fasting every other day is to decrease your caloric intake. Of course this decrease would need to be drastic in order for it to work. Some suggest cutting what you would normally eat in half on these days and eating sensibly the next day. Alternate Day Fasting is considered by some to be a “fad diet” in that it will only work temporarily. No one is sure of the effects in the long term and it is not known if the weight lost will immediately come back once you start eating normally again every day.


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Alternate Day Fasting helps you to lose weight rapidly by fasting every other day. The fast can be accomplished by eating absolutely nothing and consuming only plain water or by drastically cutting your caloric intake to a minimal level. Both of these methods have been proven effective. On the day that you do not practice the fasting a sensible diet should be followed in order for Alternate Day Fasting to work properly.

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  • Alternate Day Fasting has the possibility of elongating your life span.
  • The concept of Alternate Day Fasting has been around for many, many years and has been proven effective.
  • Alternate Day Fasting has been proven to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.


  • Alternate Day Fasting can cause you to become irritable and cranky due to being hungry.
  • While Alternate Day Fasting has been around for years, the effects on long term weight loss have not been studied thoroughly.


Alternate Day Fasting can be an effective way to lose weight quickly if you have the will power to stick to it. You must be prepared for irritability and hunger on the fasting days even if you chose to eat a small amount on those days. The long term effects of Alternate Day Fasting have not been studied so it is not known if the weight you lose will remain lost once you go back to a normal diet every day.

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    I’ve just started a 4/3 dietary fast to lose weight. I’ve noticed that my fingers smell sweet (kind of like pancake syrup). Should I be concerned in regards to the fasting diet?


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    can i have coffee on this diet



    yes.. black


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    Pat Lowry

    ADF is difficult the first few weeks but does get easier. Most do it by fasting 24 hours from dinner one day to dinner the next. Eat dinner and skip the next breakfast and lunch and then eat dinner. The next day you eat normally