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The American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement claims to deliver support to the endocrine system. This system includes the spleen, brain, liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, duodenum, thymus, adrenal and pituitary glands. There is no official website for American Biologics as the site is still under construction. American Biologics Multi is sold through third party websites online.

List of Ingredients

Raw multi-glandular concentrate from healthy cattle tissue. Tissue is taken from the spleen, brain, liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, duodenum, thymus, adrenal and pituitary glands of the cattle.

Product Features

American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement is commonly used by people who want to support their endocrine system. The system could be downgraded for various reasons, or just in need of maintenance. The endocrine system is responsible for various hormonal and cellular activities throughout the body. Mood, growth, body development, hormone stability and metabolic activity are all controlled by the endocrine system. While the multi-glandular support supplement could, theoretically, regulate the system to the point where metabolic activity is optimized, this is just in theory. There is no scientific evidence nor proof that using cattle tissue will even affect human endocrine health.

There are also no warnings listed on third party websites regarding the safety of the supplement or the origin of the cattle tissue used to create American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement. While there may be no reason for alarm, past breakouts of Mad Cow Disease and other bovine illnesses may leaves some consumers worried about taking a supplement created from raw bovine tissue. The absence of an official website may also leave the dieter skeptical. The cost of harvesting cattle tissue cannot be small, so why is there no website for American Biologics? Other questions may leave the dieter wary of this product like what happens to the cattle before and after tissue harvesting?

One bottle of American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement contains 100 tablets. As directed, the supplement should be taken once a day so the bottle will last 100 days with regular use. The lowest price found online was $13.49 US per bottle plus shipping and handling. There were no websites offering free trials of the supplement, no testimonials and no common return policy.

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  • American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement is inexpensive.
  • The product is easy to find online.


  • There is very little information on how the supplement is made.
  • No support could be found for endocrine system health and weight loss.
  • Tissues used in the supplement are raw.


Dieters and other consumers may wish to stay away from the American Biologics Multi-Glandular supplement. There is very little information online about the condition under which this supplement is created or the company in general. When it comes to raw supplements, there are health concerns that should be addressed with an official website and contact information for the company and neither could be found for American Biologics Multi-Glandular.

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