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American Biosciences is a manufacturing company offering supplements supporting overall body health and maintenance. Products offered by the company include immune, prostate, healthy cholesterol and sleep support. No products on the website are directly aimed at supporting healthy weight loss, but overall body health is important when trying to lose weight. The official website offers phone ordering, but online ordering is not supported at this time from the main website. Products can be purchased, however, from third party websites.

Customer service contact is encouraged for consumers who may have questions about the supplements offered by American Biosciences. There are also testimonials available on the website from customers who have purchased the American Biosciences products.

List of Ingredients

Sugar – Banaba Leaf Extract.

Sleep – Seditol, Melatonin, 5-HTP and Magnesium Glycinate.

Cholest – COQ10, Resveratrol, Quercetin, Red Grape Skin Extract and Green Tea Extract.

HP8 – Selenium.

Product Features

According to American Biosciences, their products are a natural means of supporting a healthy body. The only product that could be used to support healthy weight loss is the Cholest formula. This supplement includes green tea leaf extract which is proven to increase metabolism and support fat and weight loss. Sleep contains common ingredients for supporting healthy sleep which can be important during weight loss as sleep is needed to repair cells and rejuvenate the body after physical fitness. The other supplements offer no support for weight loss or dieting at all.

American Biosciences does offer links to supporting clinical studies and research for all of their products. Most of the studies involve one or more of the ingredients used in the supplements, but not the specific supplement itself. Without a list of ingredients for some supplements, there is no way of comparing the research to the ingredient list and the amount of each described ingredient. For instance, a study may include 100 mg of the ingredient and the American Biosciences supplement only 50 mg.

The products sold through third party retailers average between $20 US and $30 US per bottle. Depending on the size of the bottle and the number of supplements taken each day, total doses in the bottle will vary.

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  • Green tea extract is a proven ingredient that will aid in weight loss.
  • Supporting a healthy overall body is important when trying to lose weight.
  • There is contact information for American Biosciences and consumers are encouraged to call.
  • Products are easily found online for sale.


  • Only a few of the supplements offer ingredient lists online.
  • Two of the American Biosciences products could be used for weight loss support, the others contain no effective ingredients for losing weight.
  • Prices may be higher than other comparable supplements.
  • Direct ordering from the American Biosciences website is not supported.


There is a bit of weight loss support offered by one or two of the American Biosciences products. The lack of complete ingredient lists on the official website and direct online ordering leaves the consumer searching for answers. Customer contact is encouraged which is a good sign, but the company has a ways to go in terms of gaining trust from the dieter trying to find supplements to achieve their weight loss goals.

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    Hillel Glover M.D.

    Could you please e-mail me the dosages of the four ingredients for your sleep formula.
    Thank you.
    Hillel Glover M.D.