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Aminoliq Plus is a product manufactured by Health and Performance Products ProHealth division, based in South Africa. Several different products are marketed by ProHealth.

The product website states this should only be used with an energy balanced diet. Because of the inclusion of gelatin ingredient, the substance may gel if it gets too cold, though this effect should not cause the product to act any differently when ingested. Apply gentle heat to convert back to liquid.

The product comes in a single flavor, orange, and in a 500 ml bottle. The suggested serving size is 20 ml three times each day before meals, and for an extra boost, a spoonful 20 minutes before working out.


No specific ingredients are listed on the product website. Other sources indicate Aminoliq Plus contains caffeine, choline, and inositol. Amino acids are also included to help with muscle definition.

Product Features

Caffeine boosts metabolism and gives you a temporary energy boost, but also may cause jitters and nausea. Anyone who is pregnant or nursing should practice caution when using this product, and also speak to a health care professional if caffeine sensitivities are present. If you suffer from peptic ulcers, you should also speak to a doctor before taking Aminoliq Plus.

Choline is a part of the vitamin B 12 complex which serves to protect the heart and prevent heart disease. There is little evidence to show it helps with weight loss, though it does help increase cognitive function.

Inositol is included in many supplements though there is little evidence to support the need for it in a weight loss drug as research indicates it helps with psychological conditions rather than fat oxidation.

The use of fructose as a sweetener allows Aminoliq Plus to be used by diabetics as long as a balanced diet is also in use.

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  • May increase fat burning
  • May have other nutritional benefits.


  • Limited ingredient information
  • No money back guarantee.
  • No user testimonials on website
  • No appetite suppression ingredient


No product is ever going to replace the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and appropriate water intake. This product may do a good job as an additional boost to your efforts, but should not be solely relied on. Due to the lack of an appetite suppression product, it does not appropriately help dieters, who need both a fat burner and appetite ingredient to combat two of the major issues faced with weight loss. At approximately $11.00 per bottle, the product is affordable for many and should last a little over a week at the suggested dosage.

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  • 1

    Will taking aminoliq affect my metabolism? I have a little excess weight that I would like to shed, but if I take aminoliq and then stop will it effect my metabolism…resulting in it being underactive and me putting on more weight?


  • 2
    Renee Gleisner

    May I take Aminoliq liquid fat burner with high blood pressure? Thanks


  • 3
    Rentia Troskie

    I saw I can use Avesil with Aminoliq, but the pharmacy said they don’t have it any more. they only got Alkafizz as a replacement, can I use Alkafizz to lose weight?


  • 4
    Nicole Pringle

    I am 26 and not hugely overweight but im batteling to shred the k’s i need to any ideas iv tried everything