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Apinol LLC has been on the market for over a century. It is marketed as a holistic, all-natural “green” product with no stated side effects. The applications for this product are diverse. The Apinol LLC website lists major categories of uses that include healing and soothing power, pain and burn relief, as well as relief from insect bites and other bug bites.

Apinol LLC is manufactured in Alabama and has limited geographic availability-mainly in the Southeast. It’s carried by several large chain retailers as well as by specialized health stores. It is also available from several online sources.

List of Ingredients

No complete list of ingredients is available. The main ingredient is pine oil, and the product is a clear liquid that is a bit sticky and slightly viscous.

Product Features

Apinol LLC is a liquid with a pine oil base and is stated to have an unlimited shelf life.

It is sold as a spray or as a liquid that is dabbed onto or rubbed into the skin. The product is available in 2 oz, 4 oz or 8 oz sizes.

This is a topical product not recommended for internal use, although the website says that some folks have notified them that Apinol LLC has been effective to treat toothaches, sore gums, cold sores, coughing, sore throats and bronchitis. The company disclaimer makes it clear that Apinol LLC has not been proven to cure these types of problems.

The product has apparently been helpful to some diabetics and others with immune deficiencies who often deal with sores that do not want to heal properly. Several customer comments are from people in these categories who used the product and were pleased with the results that they achieved.

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  • Does not burn or sting when applied.
  • Natural, fresh scent that is pleasant.
  • Gives effective relief for up to seven hours.


  • Does not claim to be a diet product. It is used primarily for the treatment of pain and itch due to insect bites, burns or other skin irritants and as a treatment for cuts, abrasions or open sores.
  • Relatively expensive compared to similar products. A 4-oz bottle costs $8 or more.
  • Some inflated language boasts of tremendous results. The manufacturer’s website claims that Apinol LLC is a “miracle first aid antiseptic/pain reliever.”
  • No before and after pictures support any of the testimonials.


This product has LOTS of testimonials from people who claim to have gotten great results when using the product for a variety of ailments. Most of the testimonials tout Apinol for its pain-relief and itch-relief qualities. The product does also appear to promote healing for cuts, abrasions and open sores, but would not be a first choice for someone looking for a weight-loss supplement.

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    Craig R Sabo

    Apinol is one great product. My wife uses it as an insect repellant and I use it on insect bites. It’s great.