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One of the main ingredients in an effective weight loss supplement is the appetite suppressant. Most will include Chromium to regulate blood glucose levels and thus stave off craving hunger. Others choose a fiber or Hoodia Gordonii. Appesat claims to use an entirely new appetite suppressant that causes satiation by stimulating receptors on the inner lining of the stomach. The special ingredient is indeed in the fiber family and according to clinical studies listed on the official Appesat website, there are some serious side effects to deal with when taking Appesat.

List of Ingredients

Bioginate Complex (fiber extracted from Laminaria digitata seaweed).

Product Features

This product is unique in that the fiber source is seaweed. Other than that small piece of information, Appesat offers nothing new for the dieter. As a fiber, the supplement absorbs water and blows up in the stomach. This causes the dieter to feel fuller and eat less – at least that is the hope of most supplement companies.

Throughout the description there is reference to clinical studies supporting the use of Appesat to increase weight loss. The links are real and they do take the visitor off site to view what looks like authentic information, but there is a problem with both studies. The studies refer to CM3 Alginate, which is not mentioned on the official website that we could find. CM3 Alginate is a brown algae that also claims to expand in the stomach.

The second problem with the studies is far worse, side effects. Three participants in one study reported severe side effects that the researchers referred to as “an extreme feeling of satiation.” The side effects include dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, constipation and bloating. These are considered minor side effects by the researching company.

Capsules are supposed to be taken three times a day and each bottle comes with 50 capsules for $59.95. The only ingredient is fiber and that can be purchased for far less at the local grocery store.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Could increase feeling of fullness.


  • Priced much higher than other forms of fiber.
  • Side effects reported during clinical study.
  • Research studies refer to CM3 Alginate, but that name is not referred to on the website.


We want every dieter to find the right weight loss supplement and reach their weight loss goals. Appesat is not going to be that supplement. Dieters should feel safe and comfortable taking a supplement every day without the danger of painful side effects. Appesat could cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and dizziness, but these potential side effects are not listed on the official website rather they are listed in the clinical research that is supposed to support the product.

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    I bought Appesat when I was desperate to lose weight. I am not enormous by any means but I am overweight.

    Appesat made me feel like I was blowing up like a baloon and then I had severe diarrhoea for several days. This was just for taking a total of six tablets on the first two days. I am throwing mine away and would not recommend them to anybody.