Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic Review

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Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic by Muscle Asylum Project is a strong stimulant aimed at increasing fat burn to create a leaner body. The product is aimed toward body builders and fitness gurus, so the ingredient list is longer than most proven fat burners. Each capsule is comprised of proprietary blends with interesting titles to catch the eye, but will these proprietary blends truly increase fat loss?

List of Ingredients

Internal Combustion: Caffeine Anhydrous, Inosine Anhydrous, L-Histidine.

Pyro Complex: Taurine, L-Carnitine, Muira Puama, Yohimbe.

ThermoSwitch: L-Glutamine and L-Ornithine.

VasoBurn: Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterol Complex, Alfalfa, Amylase, Dimethylglycine, D,I Malic Acid.

Warning: Contains Soy and Peanut Ingredients.

Product Features

The Muscle Asylum Project does not list supplements on the official website. This means we had to pull ingredients from third-party websites. There are several sites listing ingredients for Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic and some list more stimulating ingredients than others. One website listed ingredients for the Internal Combustion portion of the proprietary blend as including Green Tea Extract and White Willow Bark. The same website lists Xanthine as being a major ingredient in ThermoSwitch. Another discrepancy is the names of the individual sub-sections of the proprietary blends. Some websites list Pyro Complex while others list Razor Cut in its place. That is the trouble when manufacturers choose not to list products and ingredients.

Taking into account the ingredients we can find for Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic by Muscle Asylum Project, the supplement is no different than others on the market. There is a long list of stimulants to increase fat burn and in the process these ingredients will also raise blood pressure and heart rate.

There is no appetite suppressing ingredients in any of the formulas. With any fat burner, if heart rate is increased more calories are burned and hunger will kick in to replace those calories. Dieters are apt to feel wired and hungry on this supplement.

The price of Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic is as varied as the websites that tweak the ingredient list. Dieters can expect to pay between $24.99 and $37.99 for one month of the supplement.

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  • Some ingredients could increase fat burn in the right quantities.


  • No official ingredient list could be found.
  • The manufacturer does not list supplements on the official website.
  • The stimulants used in Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic are very strong.
  • Prices are varied all over the web.


After looking around and taking a step back from Arson Pro-Competition Strength Thermogenic, we see just another body building supplement packed with stimulants. With no official ingredient list, we are pushed to suggest dieters choose another product. In addition, soy and peanuts are used in the supplement which could cause health problems for people with food allergies. Proven weight loss ingredients and supplements exist to help dieters not increase risk of jitters, heart problems and food allergy attacks.

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