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Auriculo Staple is a treatment that’s supposed to reduce cravings and thereby help people eat less or quit smoking. It works with an ear staple – a small stainless staple that the user keeps in his or her ear for a certain period of time.

The Auriculo Staple claims that it will help with weight loss, stress, tension and that it can also help people stop smoking.

However, the benefits can vary widely for each individual. The product’s ability to stimulate and effectively “trick” the brain wear off eventually.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

The Auriculo Staple is supposed to provide a certain stimulation that will eventually send the message to your brain that your stomach is full or that your body doesn’t want tobacco.

The staple is placed in your ear. Although it is considered safe there, the user may feel some discomfort or pain there at first.

Some people are advised not to use the staple at all, including pregnant women and diabetics with slow healing.

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  • If the treatment doesn’t seem to be working, the company says it will help the user reposition it free of charge.
  • If its claims are true, the Auriculo Staple should be able to help consumers lose weight, reduce stress and quit smoking.
  • The average weight loss is supposed to be about 1-5 pounds a week for women, and 1-8 for men.


  • The Auriculo Staple is not always effective. Even the company says that it doesn’t have a 100 percent guarantee. It claims to have a better than 80 effective rate.
  • Consumers should generally be wary of products that don’t talk very much about discipline and diet when it comes to smoking or losing weight.
  • Eventually, the consumer’s body gets used to the stimulation that the Auriculo Staple emits, and the effects begin to wear off.
  • There is a chance for infection, especially if the consumer doesn’t clean the staple very well.
  • The staple could leave some scarring, and it can hurt somewhat. Although the company says that some people may feel little to no pain, it also says that it feels like an ear piercing. It may not be a good idea for those who have little tolerance for pain or discomfort.


It’s no secret that many Americans are battling with obesity or smoking addiction. They often look for solutions beyond diet, and they want a realistic approach to solving the problem.

Before starting something new, consumers are advised to talk with their doctor and see if the Auriculo Staple is something that can be appropriate for them. Although some have said that the product has been very effective for them, even the company selling it admits that the effects are different for everyone.

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