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The benefits of resistance bands training is catching fire in the fitness community. Long gone are the days of visiting the gym and spending thousands of dollars for a workout easily performed in the comfort of your home. Aylio is a company behind the movement to eliminate the need for fitness clubs. The company offers complete sets of resistance bands with a complete fitness guide included. The company also offers accessories as well as flat bands and loop bands. The entire line is available through third party ecommerce site Amazon.com starting at less than $50.

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  • Sports equipment company.

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Aylio is sports equipment company specializing in resistance band training. The company also offers flat bands, loop bands and message roller. Individuals have the opportunity to read about the benefits of resistance bands training on the website. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the product on the official website, you must visit Amazon.com. The products are reasonably priced, compared to similar products. The basic set retails for approximately $40, the complete set retails for approximately $50 and the ultimate set retails for approximately $60. The company also sells accessories, including handles, ankle straps and anchors. At this time, the company does not sell individual resistance bands.

The company also provides information relating to diet. This is great considering exercise will not produce results without proper diet.

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  • The product is available with a fitness routine.
  • The product is relatively inexpensive compared to similar products.
  • The company offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • The company provides diet information.


  • Resistance bands are not sold separately.
  • The company only sells one fitness routine.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The claims are not supported by scientific research.
  • The sets are not available to purchase on the official website.


Resistance bands are an ideal solution for individuals wanting to ditch a gym membership and exercise in the comfort of their home. Individuals have the ability to travel with Aylio resistance bands, where as finding a fitness club while traveling could present problems. We like accessories provided with the purchase of the product. Dieters receive a DVD featuring more than 100 exercises targeting every major muscle group. There were a few concerns relating to Aylio. The entire product line is not available to purchase on the official website. An additional concern relates to how to purchase the resistance bands. The product is only available as a set, not as an individual product. As you become stronger, you may need a stronger resistance band and must purchase an additional set.

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