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Bally Total Fitness is a nationwide chain of fitness centers available all around the United States featuring numerous exercise machines, personal trainers, diet programs, and a variety of fitness programs only offered by their company. They also recently launched an online diet program for members and also offer nutritional supplements at their store. Bally Total Fitness tends to lean more towards trends than offering simple fitness courses and machines, and tends to have a younger following compared to other fitness centers.

Exercise is an important component of any diet program and visiting a local gym may be one solution. Choosing the right gym is essential for sticking with your program however, and not every gym is the same. Bally Total Fitness also may contain some issues which may conflict with dieter’s needs. Here are some of the benefits and risks you should know about.

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Product Features

Bally Total Fitness contains a variety of programs and exercise machines geared towards all types of people. The fitness programs they offer are Kwando (a spin on Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art), Powerflex, and Pilates. They also offer dance programs such as Funk and Hip Hop, which they claim offers maximum burning power to the body’s core while making it fun to participate. Personal training is also another highlight of Bally, where trainers are assigned to members that are instructed to help them reach their fitness goals, no matter how extreme or small. Their new diet program, which is currently online-only, is the only extent of their support for dieters, however.

Dieters should be aware of complaints made about Bally Total Fitness. Numerous complaints, both public and privately made on websites, continually state a lack of trained staff. Others complain that Bally forces them to sign into year long programs when they had no prior knowledge of it and canceling plans with Bally is said to be very difficult. Some members claimed that Bally signed them into a full membership when they had only used their free guest membership for one month.

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  • Offers a variety of fitness programs in addition to their exercise machines.
  • Also provides certified personal trainers.


  • According to members, canceling a membership is very difficult.
  • Complaints of untrained staff is a huge negative factor.
  • Additional fees are not always specifically stated by Bally and members are advised to ask about fees before signing up with additional programs.


Bally Total Fitness offers a variety of programs and systems for members but there are certain issues that might make it too much of a hassle for some people. It is one of the few fitness centers that offer martial arts programs as well as typical programs however, and may be a better alternative than depending on a home fitness program instead.

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    hire an attorney before signing their contract. It is that bad.