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Beautiful Body Laser offers a six step weight loss program. The program is all-natural, but there is a cold laser treatment to help reduce fat. The official website includes a detailed description of each weight loss step and testimonials from previous patients. There is one before and after photo associated with the Zerona laser treatment, but that is likely a stock photo. According to Beautiful Body Laser, more than 20,000 patients have used Zerona to trim down without pain, surgery or recovery time.

List of Ingredients

Six step weight loss program with detox.

Product Features

The six step weight loss program from Beautiful Body Laser starts with a detox. The detox includes soaking feet during an office visit before the dieter is started on a herbal blend. The herbal blend must be taken for three weeks to completely detox the body.

Next is the Zerona laser. Patients are asked to continue laser treatment for a minimum of two weeks. It could take longer to remove excess fat depending on how much weight the dieter has to lose. Patients must be at least 15 pounds overweight for Zerona, but they can be no more than 40 pounds overweight, according to the procedure description.

After the Zerona treatments (at each visit), the patient is given the opportunity to stand on a vibration machine. Beautiful Body Laser claims vibration helps remove toxins that build up during the laser fat removal.

After all Zerona and vibrating treatments are complete, the facility will place the dieter on a managed eating plan for weight loss. The specific plan is not mentioned in the literature.

The patient will see a licensed chiropractor during the weight loss journey at some point. A doctor must be on-hand due to the Zerona treatment. After seeing the medical professional, the dieter will be given the option for counseling with a chaplain or certified counselor.

There is no mention of total cost, but there is a link for financing so the dieter or patient can expect to pay a hefty sum for weight loss treatment from Beautiful Body Laser.

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  • Zerona is proven to slim the body.
  • All-natural herbs are used during the detox process.
  • The weight loss program includes medical interaction.


  • No before and after photos from previous patients.
  • The process could cost more than dieters are willing to spend.
  • Financing is available, so the procedures are likely expensive.


Beautiful Body Laser offers multiple weight loss solutions or one, long weight loss process. The complete process ranges from detox to herbal supplementation to laser fat removal. Zerona is proven to liquefy fat, but no fat cells are removed so if the dieter does not alter lifestyle and eating habits, weight will be regained in the same spots.

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    Sheila Edwards

    My experience with Beautiful Body Laser was AWFUL!!!!! They pre charged my credit card before any services were rendered. Did not answer the phone when I called for 5 days straight. They did answer the phone 3 hours before my scheduled appointment, became irrated when I mentioned my concerns with not being able to reach them, and proceeded to hang up the phone. When I called back the phone was answered and became disconnected again I believe they were hanging up the phone. People please do a very in depth investigation of this company before patronizing them. I thought since they were on Great Day St. Louis that it was ok. I truly regret using this comapany.


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