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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet, The Therapist’s Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating, is written by Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel. This is written for therapists of all disciplines, to assist them in treating their patients with eating disorders. The book offers new research in areas associated with weight loss and dieting and a step-by-step plan for assisting patients with compulsive eating problems.

The book also provides tools for identifying specific eating problems and therapeutic principles for treating the underlying psychological issues related to compulsive eating disorders. Although written for therapists, the book can be read and used by anyone struggling with food and weight issues. The book combines science with practical application, and provides instruction about how to eat from physiological hunger as opposed to eating out of an emotional need.

Beyond a Shadow of a Diet is available online and at most book store chains, and the hardcover version usually costs around $34.99.


The only ingredient in the program is the Beyond a Shadow of a diet book.

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Beyond a Shadow of a Diet is written by Judith Matz, who is a clinical social worker who specializes in working with people with eating disorders. Ms. Matz believes that very few therapists have the training to help patients who are chronic eaters. This book is supposed to provide therapists with insight into the psychology behind chronic dieting and binge eating. It does not offer a specific diet plan, and isn’t designed to help people lose weight. It is supposed to help the reader understand and battle the mental causes of overeating. This book will not assist those seeking to lose weight, but may give them insight as to why they are struggling with weight loss.

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  • Beyond a Shadow of a Diet offers interesting insight into the psychology of overeating.
  • It may be valuable to therapists seeking new information to help their patients.
  • The book has a very good website, with all sorts of information about the book and the authors.
  • There are interesting facts about weight loss myths, and insight about what “normal” eating habits are.


  • Beyond a Shadow of a Diet does not provide a guide for anyone to lose weight, and is not geared towards weight loss.
  • This book is written for therapists, so the individual who reads it may find it a bit dry and boring.


Beyond a Shadow of a Diet, The Therapist’s Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating offers interesting insights into the psychology of eating and the causes of eating disorders. The author believes that most therapists need more training on how to help their patients with eating disorders, so this book can be very useful to them. Of course anyone interested in this aspect of psychology and eating may find the book of some use, but it is not a diet plan or a book that will help the individual seeking guidance in developing a weight loss plan.

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