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If you’ve never worked out with a Billy Blanks Tae Bo video, get ready for an experience! The kickboxing and Tae Bo exercise program will get your blood pumping and your heart thumping in just the first few minutes. Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Amped is a serious cardio and strength training program for anyone looking to shed fat and add muscle fast. The Tae Bo Amped set includes five butt kicking DVD’s and Billy’s exclusive three pound Amplifier sculpting bar. If you’re self motivated and can stick with an intense program without the push of a paid trainer, home workout programs like Billy Blanks are great. But remember, this is a fast moving exercise regiment and it will likely take beginners awhile to get to the point of keeping up.

Product Features

Fitness expert Billy Blanks combines his signature Tae Bo moves with a combination of intense cardio workouts to produce a package that promises optimum fat burning and muscle toning results. The Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped collection combines five cardio DVD’s and Billy’s own Tae Bo movements. The intense cardio workout and muscle toning DVD’s in the set include: Jump Start Cardio (41 minutes), Fat Burn Accelerator (52 minutes), Full Throttle (55 minutes), Core Express (31 minutes), and the bonus DVD Live in LA (43 minutes). You’ll also receive the exclusive three pound Amplifier Sculpting Bar, 7 day meal plan, weight loss guide book and a free 30 day trial to Billy Blanks’ online Web Club Membership.

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  • This cardio intensive, fat burning plan will build lean muscle and shed inches.
  • Includes information on proper diet and the three pound “Amp” bars.


  • This is a high energy, sweat busting program that may not be right for everyone.
  • A lot of self motivation is required to benefit from this type of home workout program.
  • The online Club membership is $9.95 per month.

Conclusion’s website includes several reviews from those who have purchase and used this workout package. The majority agree that Billy’s plan will kick your tail into shape in a short time but you must stick to it. That’s not always easy for those who are a little less self motivated. However, if you are driven and committed to getting into shape and you can motivate yourself without the whipping stick of a personal trainer Billy Blanks’ program is a good investment. The three pound Amplifier bar is a great addition to the package as it’s deigned to add resistance to many of the exercises allowing for increased toning in the “tough to get” body areas. As with any of Billy’s workout DVD’s, be sure to have a towel handy because you’re going to sweat! By the way, you can save some money when you buy it on

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