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Have you’ve found that you’re walking program just isn’t getting it done for you? Are you finding that the treadmill or step climber is monotonous and boring? If so, then it’s time to let seven-time World Martial Arts Champion Billy Blanks show you how his no-holds-barred, nothing fancy, high kicking and fast punching routines can shed the fat. From the first couple of minutes, you’ll learn several moves, at a learners pace, but then quickly move into a rhythm that will knock your socks off! Billy Blanks takes you, one-on-one, on a cardio experience that will create a serious burn and body dripping sweat that treadmills and walking regiments just can’t provide.

In this home workout video routine, Billy combines cardio/aerobic with weight training, Tae Bo kicks and punches and a sound mind over matter philosophy. In 44 minutes you’ll learn how Billy’s Tae Bo Cardio workout will help you to get tight lines, shed calories and fat and gain strength in a fast moving, heart pounding exercise program. For beginners in Billy Blanks’ videos, don’t get discouraged if you don’t keep up right away. Perseverance is the key to these programs.

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The Billy Blanks Cardio program focuses on movements that stimulate calorie burning and body toning to produce fast results for those who can stick to it with self motivation. Billy Blanks Cardio features a 40+ minute workout that is nicely designed for those just getting into a Tae Bo workout. While it’s a little slower pace than some of Billy’s other DVD sets, it does provide a challenging and fast moving workout. If you are somewhat experienced in martial arts movements, this program will also provide you with an easy to learn, fun workout that will produce a great sweat and shed fat at the same time. In this cardio workout, Billy will show you the basic moves to kickboxing and Tae Bo, show you how to strengthen your inner core and provide you with motivation to move onto his more difficult programs.

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  • Designed with those new to Tae Bo and kickboxing in mind.
  • Sound approach to combining cardio and strength training.


  • Somewhat slower paced if you are experienced in Tae Bo and kickboxing.
  • Home workout programs require a great deal of self motivation.
  • There are no fat burners or appetite suppressants suggested for use with this workout routine to aid dieters in shedding weight more quickly.


The Billy Blanks Cardio workout is a good choice for anyone wanting to start a Tae Bo or kickboxing routine, but never having experienced it before. It’s designed to get you motivated without much frustration in learning the basic moves. You’ll learn stretching, kicking, punching and the importance of a proper cool down at the end of your routine. You may want to turn the volume down on the DVD itself and play your own music as the music on this one is pretty boring. If you’re bored or tired of the basic walking program, then we recommend giving Billy Blanks Cardio workout a try.

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    karen snyder

    about how many calories are burned in your tae bo cardie work out?