Bio Treasures Weight Loss Review

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What You Should Know

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Bio Treasures Weight Loss also marketed under the name Herbal Lite promises to be a safe, effective, all natural supplement that will burn stored fat, boost energy levels effectively and painlessly. Bio Treasure Weight Loss promotes that it will not only curb your appetite but will help you feel full before your meal is complete while also decreasing your personal food cravings to truly provide lasting weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

List of Ingredients

Bio Treasure Weight Loss claim’s to use a unique blend of eleven herbs and minerals which helps to suppress the appetite and significantly reduce food cravings.

Product Features

Bio Treasures Weight Loss combines several herbs to help stabilize blood sugar which acts as an aid in weight loss and long term weight management, because it significantly reduces cravings for sugar and other fattening foods. The makers of Bio Treasure claim that when blood sugar levels are unstable, it makes it difficult for the body to convert starches into energy, causing the body to convert starches directly into fat. Bio Treasure Weight Loss boldly claims that not only will the product help convert starches into energy, but it also will block excess starches from turning to fat. The supplement will help you to win your battle with fatigue by providing extra energy all day long. Additional include: “protects lean muscle mass while promoting fat burning even burning calories while you rest without effecting blood pressure or heart rate”. The company says that the formula was developed to work with your body to allow you to achieve your weight loss goals without sending your body’s sensory system into starvation mode and that once you reach your weight loss goals you can stop taking the product and your body will not try to regain the lost weight even without following a maintenance program of strict diet or exercise.

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  • Said to use all natural ingredients.
  • Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.


  • No clinical research to substantiate the claims.
  • Claim’s that weight loss can be achieved painlessly and effortlessly are far fetched.
  • No before and after photos of those who have successfully used the supplement.


Dieters will continue to search for any pill or product which will let them eat whatever they want and still lose weight all with no exercise. Unfortunately, to date no such pill has been found. Just remember that if a product really does as it claims, it will have scientific research published on the official website, along with customer testimonials, and before and after photos. We all know that there is no miracle cure for weight loss and that a healthy, sensible eating plan, along with a regular routine of moderate exercise, will help you to achieve long term weight loss.

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