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Based in Blaine, Washington, Bioplex Nutrition is one of the leading producers of protein-based powdered drinks and meal replacement bars in the western United States, geared towards female and male dieters and bodybuilders. Some of their most popular products include Micronized Creatine, Vital Force All-In-One, a meal replacement packet and Pure WPI, a whey protein powdered drink.

Many of Bioplex Nutrition’s products can be found in health supplement stores in the western United States or online through For affordability, many of the meal replacement or snack products are a must–prices range from $3.30 to $20.76–while their popular protein-based powdered drinks cost $32.00 or more, which is still cheaper than other high-tech protein drinks.


Many of their powdered drinks feature stevia and Lo Han. Some of their products include soy.

Product Features

Bioplex Nutrition’s protein-rich drinks don’t contain the typical ingredients found in most bodybuilding drinks–whey protein isn’t even included in its formula, replaced by the sweetener stevia and Lo Han, a sugarless sweetener that was recently introduced to the United States in the 2000′s.

Lo Han, which is derived from the Lo Han Kuo fruit in China, may have few dietary properties. Although it was shown to have a low glycemic index, meaning it won’t cause food cravings, it also won’t promote lean muscle growth, nor is it considered to have any thermogenic properties. But stevia, Bioplex Nutrition’s other secret ingredient, may help treat obesity, according to one study. When tested on obese rats, stevia significantly decreased their weight, and some scientists consider it an effective anti-obesity supplement. It is also considered a safe sugarless additive for diabetics, and is commonly used in the diabetic foods industry.

None of these ingredients are proven to improve muscle mass, however, and it is not clear if it may be beneficial for bodybuilders. It is diabetic-friendly, however and contains virtually no calories.

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  • Many of Bioplex Nutrition’s products are very affordable.
  • Their products are available online or in independent health supplement stores.


  • It is not clear how its products may be beneficial for bodybuilders–their biggest target audience.
  • Their powdered protein drinks do not contain any ingredients that contain protein.
  • They do not offer a money back guarantee on any products.


Overall, Bioplex Nutrition’s products are affordable, and their products do not appear to contain any ingredients that may cause any significant side effects. Their products are also ideal for diabetics, favoring the use of sugarless substitutes in their protein powdered drinks and meal replacement packets. But these ingredients may not promote muscle growth, and there is limited evidence it may even cause weight loss due to the lack of thermogenic ingredients.

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