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Bodi-Tek is a company based in the United Kingdom that sells branded fitness equipment. The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is an electro-stimulation machine with eight contacts that are placed directly on the abdominal muscles. The contacts allow electricity to flow to the abdominals creating a contraction. Electro-stimulation units are highly effective at working abdominal muscles, but they must come in contact with those muscles to work properly. If a dieter carries weight around the midsection, a dedicated weight loss plan should be followed before attempting to use the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder.

List of Ingredients

Eight self-adhesive pads, case, instructions and electrical adapter.

Product Features

The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder works to define and strengthen core muscles with direct electrical stimulation. This stimulation is achieved by using eight pads applied directly to the skin. The pads are adhesive and may require replacement if the adhesive fails after multiple uses. Once the eight pads are attached to the skin, the user can adjust electrical stimulation to a comfortable level. The unit uses an electrical plug as a power source, which could be very dangerous if the unit shorts out or the leads are damaged or faulty.

Conductive gel is required to use the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder. The gel does not come with the Bodi-Tek Ab Builder kit and must be purchased separately. At this time, Bodi-Tek only ships the unit to the United Kingdom and Europe. People in the United States cannot order the unit directly from the manufacturer. There is no mention of why the unit is not shipped internationally.

The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder does not address major concerns of weight loss like dieting and exercise. The abdominal muscles are only a small part of a total body workout. The unit sells for about $80 US. This is an average price for an electro-stimulation fitness machine.

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  • Stimulates abdominal muscles with electricity for contractions.
  • Will tone and strengthen abdominal muscles.


  • Does not address weight loss, healthy eating or fitness.
  • Is not available for people living in the United States.
  • The electrical leads require direct power from an electrical socket.
  • Could be dangerous if the leads or pads are faulty or damaged.
  • Conductive gel must be purchased separately.
  • Dieters may need to lose abdominal weight before using the machine.


The Bodi-Tek Ab Builder is an abdominal machine that uses electro-stimulation to increase strength and tone. The unit is not suitable for people who are overweight or those wearing a pacemaker. There are no health warnings on the official website to this end. Dieters must live in the United Kingdom or Europe to order the product. The lack of product description or information about how the unit works is enough to turn away most potential buyers.

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