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The Body by Glamour program is a free 12-week exercise plan offered by Glamour Magazine. Dieters sign up for online access to Body by Glamour and gain advice from a registered dietician along with workout tips and exercise plans. Glamour Magazine offers online tools and prizes for people following the diet and exercise plan. The prizes are only available during a promotional period that ends in March of each year. To access the Body by Glamour diet and exercise plan, the dieter must register with Glamour Magazine. Dieters do not have to subscribe to the magazine to sign up.

List of Ingredients

Workout plans by Ramona Braganza and dieting tips by Rachel Beller R.D.

Product Features

The Body by Glamour portion of the Glamour Magazine website offers food and exercise tracking tools. These are common on diet websites. In addition to the tools, dieters can add friends. According to the diet description, you can lose up to eight pounds in just four weeks. That is an average of two pounds per week, a safe weight loss goal.

Most of the details about the Body by Glamour program are reserved for people who sign up for the plan, but we do know some important details. A new eating and exercise plan is delivered to the dieter via email once per month. The exercise plan may be personalized based on the target areas entered in the dieter profile. Free MP3 workouts are also available to focus on arms, butt, thighs and more. MP3 workouts download to a personal MP3 player and allow the dieter to follow along with audio instructions. This may be a bit difficult for people who learn better with visual instruction. Body by Glamour collaborates with Daily Burn for access to daily workouts.

In addition to the food and exercise journal, dieters are encouraged to log sleep. There is a correlation between getting enough sleep and losing weight. Body by Glamour suggests using the sleep logging tool to recognize patterns between the numbers of hours slept and weight loss the following day, but there is no clear direction as to how to use this information.

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  • Body by Glamour is a free service.
  • Online tools allow dieters to log food, exercise and sleep.
  • Free workouts.
  • Free diet plan.
  • Free MP3 downloads.


  • May not offer new advice on weight loss.
  • Promotional prizes are available to a limited number of people based on sign-up date.


The Body by Glamour diet and weight loss plan is free, making it a great choice for dieters on a budget. There are no details about the foods allowed on the plan or the fitness level required to complete exercise programs, but the free sign-up may be worth the time.

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