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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Body by Jake Total Body Trainer uses bands to increase resistance. Additional Body by Jake bands can be purchased to increase resistance, but the bands are very expensive and the Total Body Trainer is not the most highly regarded fitness machine on the market. According to the Total Body Trainer description, the user can achieve the body of their dreams working out less than one hour a week. This is far below the recommended workout time for optimal health and weight loss. There are too many companies selling fitness equipment that reduces the amount of time a dieter has to workout. Less time means less impact on weight and health – that is the bottom line.

We found the Body by Jake bands for sale on the official Body by Jake website. The bands cost about $15 each, so if the dieter wants to purchase a complete set of bands, they will pay a minimum of $45. The bands can only be used with the Total Body Trainer. They cannot be used as standalone workout equipment.

List of Ingredients

Bands used with the Body by Jake Total Body Trainer.

Product Features

There are lots of fitness companies that offer extra resistance or weights for their workout machines. Most come in large quantities, like Bowflex that sells extra weight or resistance in 100-pound increments. The Body by Jake bands are available in 10, 15 and 25 pounds. Each band is sold separately, so the dieter must purchase each band for the $15 price. If the dieter wants to greatly increase resistance, they could spend hundreds of dollars on the bands.

The product description for the Body by Jake Total Body Trainer does not include a band limit. We have no idea how many bands the machine will hold before the no more bands will fit. The user could pay for Body by Jake bands and find out only one or two bands fits on the machine at one time. There are two connection points on the Total Body Trainer, so the minimum number of bands is two.

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  • Body by Jake bands are available on the official Body by Jake website.
  • The bands are available in three “weights.”
  • Works with the Total Body Trainer to increase resistance.


  • The bands cost $15 each.
  • The dieter must own a Total Body Trainer to utilize the bands.
  • There is no mention of how many bands the machine will hold.


The Body by Jake Total Body Trainer is a waste of money. However, if a dieter has the machine and wants to increase resistance, they must purchase more bands. The bands sell for $15 each, much more than other resistance products.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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