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The Body by Jake Door Gym, also referred to as the Power 200, is a resistance band door gym. According to the product description, the gym offers up to 200 pounds of resistance, which is probably where the name Power 200 came from in the first place. We have a problem with door gyms. If the user starts working out heavily and pulling on the bands with force, it could damage the door. There is also the possibility of pulled the door open and getting injured while using the Body by Jake Door Gym. We found the unit available for sale online. The price is more than comparable door gyms costing more than $150 with shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

Door Gym, Ankle Straps, Hand Grips, Starter Guide and Exercise Poster.

Product Features

The Body by Jake Door Gym is not a new concept. There are several other brands of door gym on the market that look nearly identical to this model. The only difference in the door gyms is the celebrity face attached to the product. In this case, its an MMA star.

The idea behind the Body by Jake Door Gym is simple. Place the frame on any door in the home and use the attached resistance bands to complete a workout. There are some problems with door gyms, however. The bands require the user to maintain good form to prevent injury. Fast movements can damage the door or cause the door to fly open and the exercise chart showing more than 200 exercises is a farce. If you alter a movement just slightly, it can be considered a new exercise. Take the squat, for instance. If the user squat half-way down to the floor it is one exercise. A full squat is another exercise. Squatting with one leg is called something different, yet again. There is also a problem with the included DVD. In order to watch the DVD while using the door gym, the user would have to find a door located directly in front of a television. That may not be possible in some homes.

The price of the Body by Jake Door Gym is higher than some other models.

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  • Available for sale online.
  • Designed to work in any home.
  • The unit is portable.
  • Cheaper than complete home gyms.
  • Resistance bands are lightweight.
  • Quick assembly.


  • May cause injury with improper form.
  • May damage the door.
  • The door needs to be located in front of a television.
  • The DVD may not be suitable for beginners.
  • There is no mention of a diet plan.


Working out is just part of weight loss. If the dieter does not exercise, weight loss is limited and will eventually stall completely. Exercise improves sleep and mood, but exercise does not require a Body by Jake Door Gym. This unit offers fewer benefits than risks. Just a slight movement in the wrong direction can cause joint injury, not to mention injuries that could be sustained if the door flies open.

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