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The Body by Jake Smart Crunch is an abdominal machine no longer available from the official website. Jake Steinfeld is the creator of the abdominal fitness equipment, along with a long list of workout videos and fitness tools. The Body by Jake Smart Crunch helps the user control and focus abdominal movements to engage the muscle more effectively, but it will not make crunches or sit-ups easier.

The official website for Body by Jake does not like the Body by Jake Smart Crunch for sale. It appears the product is no longer available for purchase though some third-party retailers online and offline may sell the Smart Crunch. We could find no testimonials or before and after pictures from consumers having used the machine. We assume this is because the product is no longer sold by the Body by Jake company.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal machine.

Product Features

The Body by Jake Smart Crunch guides the user in achieving a complete abdominal muscle workout. The unit has several settings, with the lowest setting being best for beginners. As your abdominal muscles get stronger, the setting can be increased for greater resistance.

Abdominal muscles are smaller than other muscles used during exercise. This means the cardio aspect of the workout with the Body by Jake Smart Crunch is minimal. The dieter wishing to shed a few pounds will not notice an increase in metabolism or weight loss as a result of using the Body by Jake Smart Crunch.

The instructions state only four minutes are needed for a complete abdominal workout. This may be misleading as not everyone is at the same fitness level. Advanced users may require more time to fully workout abdominals. The machine once sold for about $200.

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  • May be available online from various third-party retailers.
  • Works all abdominal muscles.


  • More expensive than other abdominal machines.
  • Does not provide a complete body workout.
  • Will not increase metabolism or weight loss.
  • No longer appears to be available from Body by Jake.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • No testimonials or before and after photos.


The Body by Jake Smart Crunch focuses solely on the abdominal muscles. While the machine can be used every day to strengthen and tone stomach muscles, it will not increase weight loss. In order to lose weight while using the Body by Jake Smart Crunch, the dieter will need to adopt a cardio program and healthy eating plan.

The best method of weight loss includes eating right, moving more and taking a supplement to increase metabolism and weight loss. Green tea and caffeine are two proven ingredients that stimulant fat burn. Chromium helps control appetite making it easier to stick with a reduced calorie diet.

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