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Editor's Review: 2.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Body Recomposition is a website by fitness author Lyle McDonald, offering informational resources on nutrition, exercise, and performance enhancement. McDonald is a physiologist and athlete who aims to help bodybuilders and new dieters alike change fat to muscle. The site is chock full of articles concerning fat loss, nutrition, muscle gain, training, and research reviews. His books are for sale on the site. In addition to the store and a resource center, there is a forum for readers to provide feedback on their experiences with his approaches and philosophies.

List of Ingredients

There are no ingredients as this is a website and not a weight loss product.

Product Features

Body Recomposition is a comprehensive website on a variety of aspects concerning nutrition and weight loss. It appears more targeted towards bodybuilders, but the average person can find a lot of relevant and useful information as well. The site has a store to purchase McDonald’s books as well as links to supplements McDonald endorses.

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  • Well rounded approach to weight loss, combining elements of diet and exercise.
  • Free articles provided by the fitness author for perusal
  • A forum for readers to share their experiences and encourage one another
  • Disadvantages

  • Information is not provided in a condensed manner. There is a lot of reading to be done on the website in addition to the books that explain the diets and exercise.
  • Books must be purchased separately, averaging $39.95 a piece. There are currently seven books for sale, covering different aspects of his methodology.
  • Much of the site is educational versus instructional. Some people don’t have the time to learn of all the scientific processes behind carbohydrates or the breaking down of fats; they just want to know what steps to take. The research reviews are academic and difficult to read for the layperson.
  • The link to supplement providers does not divulge what supplements he recommends you take or in what quantities.
  • Conclusion

    The Body Recomposition website is a comprehensive online nutrition and exercise advice forum authored by Lyle McDonald. It is updated twice weekly and contains relevant information of fat loss. Simple weight loss is not addressed as the science behind fat loss is heavily examined in multiple articles and academic research reviews. This site is very clinical and academic in tone and may not appeal to the average Joe who is looking for a condensed and user-friendly “how to” to simple weight loss. Books must be purchased separately.

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