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The official website for Body Rev tells us that the idea for Body Rev was conceived by the company co founder Alden Mills while he was enlisted in the US Navy. In conjunction with Mark Friedman, Mills founded the company Body Rev and also conceived the idea for the Body Rev training and cardio workout device. This device was designed together with a University Kinesiologist, and it claims to make use of the principles taught to the SEALS in the US Navy.


There are no ingredients; the Body Rev is a cardio strengthening training device.

Product Features

The official Body Rev website tells us until now a complete cardio workout required multiple pieces of equipment, and that the Body Rev training device simplifies workouts by combining several workouts at once. The website further tells us that the Body Rev device has an adjustable weight range that customizes your workout to your fitness level. Those who conceived of the Body Rev device claim that the way it is designed allows you to mimic things which we lift and use in everyday life. They claim that research has shown that people become healthier and more effective if they train in a way that reflects the way that they naturally move in everyday life. They tell us that the Body Rev device facilitates these movements. Those that have conceived of the Body Rev also tell us that it is designed to engage the whole body so that you tone your body while at the same time also increasing your heart rate. The Body Rev itself, and also other training instruments manufactured by the company Body Rev, can be ordered directly from the company’s official website.

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  • The Body Rev device was designed in conjunction with a University Kinesiologist.
  • There is an official website for the training instruments and devices manufactured by the company Body Rev.
  • The Body Rev device can be ordered directly from the Body Rev website.


  • The Body Rev device is not primarily a weight loss instrument, but rather it’s a cardio workout and toning device.
  • Body Rev will probably not be suitable for users who have had trouble following other exercise routines, or for those who have difficulty with physical activity.
  • There does not seem to be any concrete proof that the Body Rev device is superior to other training and toning devices on the market.
  • There do not seem to have been any controlled, standardized tests carried out regarding the Body Rev device.


The Body Rev device does seem to have been conceived and designed by experts in the field. If you are looking for something to facilitate a cardio workout and tone up then this may well help you. The problem is that this device was not designed as a weight loss instrument and so if your primary aim is to lose weight there are probable more appropriate and simpler diet plans or exercise workouts on the market more suitable for your needs.

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  • 1
    edward appelson

    im 62 with pacemaker i got to six daily sets of 40 every dayfor 1 yr. my cardiologist and pacemaker docter scared me off routine stating insulatio of lead rub between clavicle and first now i built up to 4 sets of 15 eight count bodybuilders per day and am in great shape but now i think ive developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right side medial nerve and am very dissappointed i think i have a design solution


  • 2
    Katie Thomas

    I love my Bodyrev . . . we travel and it is great in the boat, RV or at home. I’ve had it for several years and brought it out two months ago when I decided it was time to lose 20 #’s I had put on the past two years. I’ve lost almost ten pounds and lots of fat. I bought one for my daughter and my friend bought one but both of them lost their DVD’s that go with it. How can I get the DVD’s for women?