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BodyHoops is a fun, new twist on a classic. It uses Hula Hoops for dance, exercise and play. This program aims to promote weight loss, toning and mental quickness through a movement art called hooping. BodyHoops uses “innovative hoops” which resemble hula hoops, but are in fact larger and heavier to allow them to spin around the body more easily. Whether you are a child or an adult, you can experience the fun of movement with a BodyHoop. Hooping promises to be an exciting, fun alternative to cardio and core strengthening exercises while providing similar results.

Diana Lopez created the Bodyhoops program while searching for an effective low impact workout. When Lopez, a sixth grade teacher, added the program to her morning curriculum she found her students to be more relaxed and comfortable in class, as well as being more mentally alert. From there she took hooping out into the community. Now that this exercise trend is sweeping the country through classes, workshops and events.

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Similar in appearance to the classic hula hoop, the BodyHoop is larger (35 to 40+ inches in diameter) and slightly heavier (about 2 pounds) which is said to make it easier for adults and youths to use. Hooping combines dance and exercise and is the movement form practiced with these large weighted hoops. The basic workout is available on a 40 minute DVD called Hoop Dance Fusion which teaches the basic movements and also includes six hooping lessons.  BodyHoops can take some getting used to–the primary complaint from reviewers is the amount of practice that has to go into the moves before you have them down–but once learned the routines provide a fun alternative to cardio and core training. Classes are primarily taught at Lopez’s California gym, although the official website lists when special seminars and training courses are offered around the country. The Hoop Dance Fusion DVD and a number of different styles of hoops are also available at that site. The video is $19.95 and the hoops run anywhere from $29.99 to $79.99 plus shipping and handling. There is no information given about any refund policy .

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  • BodyHoops come in a variety of sizes and weights to enable the user to pick the most comfortable fit for their workout.
  • The official DVD, Hoop Dance Fusion, covers the basic moves needed to use the Bodyhoops.
  • The BodyHoops program incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises.


  • With the exception of occasionally workshops, BodyHoops classes are only taught at one location in California.
  • The BodyHoops program requires the user to spend time learning various exercises before they can perform a smooth workout.
  • Some reviewers mention that the BodyHoops moves can be hard to master.
  • BodyHoops does not have a refund policy or guarantee.


It can be difficult to find an exercise program that seems more like play than work. But for some, Diana Lopez’s BodyHoops just might fit the bill. By taking a classic children’s toy and creating a series of stretches and core training moves to go with it, Lopez strives to provide a fitness routine that is fun for the whole family. The BodyHoops trend has become popular, but it may not be ideal for the person seeking immediate weight loss. For one thing, even positive reviewers of the Hoop Dance Fusion video mention that it takes time to get the moves down. The consumer seeking weight loss could very well be discouraged with the amount of work it takes before they start seeing results. If weight loss is your primary goal but you still want to try the BodyHoops program, consider adding a dieting supplement. A pill or capsule with a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant can give you the boost of seeing immediate weight loss results, which in turn could motivate you to stay on the exercise program. When looking for a diet aid, make sure that you pick a product that is backed by clinical research and positive customer testimonials. Also look for a pill or capsule that allows you to try free samples to start or includes a money back guarantee. That way you are sure to get your money’s worth.

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    Tell me how the hoop will help with getting my boday in shape??