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BodyPure is a company that sells detoxification pads for your feet. The company was started by 3 men. One is a DDS (dentist) and NMD (natural medical doctor), one is an engineer in industrial and operation management, and the 3rd is a technical director.

Product Features

The BodyPure detox pads are worn on the bottom of your feet. By claiming that all your systemic issues can be found with nerve endings in your feet, you can help detoxify your entire system by addressing the soles of your feet. According to the practice of reflexology, each area on either foot has a corresponding organ or area in another part of your body; therefore, by massaging or putting pressure in this area you are affecting other areas of the body. This, in turn, is also the basic belief for using the foot detox pads.


BAMBOO VINEGAR EXTRACT—this is a vinegar that has no synthetics or starches. It has been condensed times and dried for a period of 6 months. It is then filtered and dried again for a remaining 6 months before use.HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA EXTRACT—this is a Japanese plant has a variety of flavinoids and is used for it’s absorption properties.LOQUAT LEAF EXTRACT—this leaf claims to promote the secretion of bodily fluids. It is claimed to have antitussive (relieving coughing) and antiemetic (relieving nausea) properties.TOURMALINE—this is a crystal silicate mineral. The website claims it has properties that affect our nervous system into a cleansing and energized state.DIATOMACEOUS EARTH—soil that is put into the BodyPure detox pads as an absorbent powder, this “earth” is actually a chalky type silica substance that can also be used as a compound in dynamite.CITRONELLA—while most of us are familiar with citronella for its mosquito repelling properties, it is used here for its anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties.DEXTRIN—this is a carbohydrate that results in the process of starch hydrolosis. It is unclear what Dextrin’s purpose is in this product, but upon searching for it on the internet, we found that it can be used for many purposes, among those are a crispiness enhancer for foods, a textile finishing and coating agent, and a thickening and binding agent in pharmaceuticals and paper products.VEGETABLE FIBER and VITAMIN C—no information is given as to the inclusion of these two items.

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  • You can order directly from the website or call in.
  • Without relative high cost, you can try it out.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee.


  • There seems to be a lot of hype and interest in Chinese Medicine. We aren’t saying the science isn’t valid, but sometimes anyone’s ready to jump on the band wagon.
  • If you don’t like having things on your feet, this will be pretty uncomfortable.
  • You have to rely on a lot of information that is a little hard to understand. Again, we aren’t saying it’s not true, but can just be a bit overwhelming.


If you want to try this out…go for it. It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s got a money-back guarantee, and you’ll know pretty much right away if you got your money’s worth. There isn’t a lot of western medicine of studies to show its validity, but the website does give a lot of good information, tries to keep you informed, and gives you ways to navigate the website with relative ease. Without double-blind studies across the board, there’s nothing to say for sure that it works but your own testimony.

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