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The Brazilian Butt Lift Deluxe is a complete workout to raise your bum bum, as the native Brazilian like to called the butt. The product description claims that the bum bum is the most important feature of Brazilian women. Leandro Carvalho is the creator of the Brazilian Butt Lift series. This kit includes multiple DVDs and diet guide and a booty test pencil.

While the bottom is the key area focused on in the DVDs, it also works the lower body. The lower body is where all the largest muscles are located and thus most effective workouts concentrate on this area. The user can expect to increase heart rate and burn calories, while effectively tightening the bum bum.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVDs, Ankle Weights, Booty Resistance Bands, Customized Workout Calendar, Fat Burning Food Guide, Supermodel Slimdown Plan and Booty Test Pencil.

Product Features

The six main workouts in the Brazilian Butt Lift Deluxe program are Bum Bum, High and Tight, Sculpt, Cardio Axe, Tummy Tuck and Bum Bum Rapido. As you can see, there are workouts that cover more than just the bottom. The cardio and rapid workout will likely increase heart rate quickly, so beginners should be cautious the first few times they follow the DVDs. All equipment needed to complete the workouts is included in the package, so there is no additional cost.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Deluxe series requires lots of bending and squatting. This could cause pain for dieters with joint and back problems. Proper form is crucial, so it is important that dieters watch the DVDs at least once before attempting the workouts. The training videos focus heavily on angles. This means the user will perform common booty lifting exercises with tweaks that move to the left and right, focusing on every muscle in the bottom.

The total cost for the Brazilian Butt Lift Deluxe is more than $100. This is a huge price to pay for workout DVDs. While the equipment comes with the program and a diet plan is included, the price could still be higher than the dieter is willing to pay.

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  • Works lower body muscles.
  • Will likely define and tone the bum bum.
  • Designed by a trusted personal trainer.
  • Comes with all needed equipment.


  • Focuses on a small muscle group.
  • The cardio workout could be too difficult for a beginner.
  • Costs more than other workout DVD series.
  • May cause pain and injury to joints.


Due to the impact on lower body joints, it is important that dieters with joint problems seek medical approval before purchasing or using the Brazilian Butt Lift Deluxe program. This program offers more than bum bum workouts. It encompasses cardio and toning workouts for the entire lower body.

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    Do you have the schedule for the BBL deluxe version, how do I add these dvds in with the basic program thanks!