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What You Should Know

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Bromalite is a colon cleansing product sold online. It is difficult to tell which website is the company’s official site, as several different websites appear to sell only this product and display a company logo for Bromalite. Bromalite claims to aid in weight loss, cleansing and detoxification. A free trial of Bromalite where customers only pay a small shipping fee is widely advertised. According to the fine print on these website and to the many angry complaints online by Bromalite free trial customers, signing up for the free trial also signs you up for $69.99 payments for monthly shipments thereafter. The money-back guarantee is only on unopened products. There are also endless pop-ups that appear when you try to close a window of an official-looking website selling Bromalite, with admonitions of “Hurry!” and “Don’t Wait!!”


Bromalite’s official websites use a common marketing tactic of subpar health products: the logos of major news outlets such as CNN and USA Today are lined up on their websites, but they don’t actually provide any endorsements or news articles that are even remotely related to these outlets. There are several testimonials by satisfied customers available on the official websites, however all of the customer reviews written on other websites were from unsatisfied customers who claimed the product did not work. There do not appear to be any money-back guarantees of this product by the company.

Product Features

Many of the ingredients listed in Bromalite have well-known health benefits, including ginger and acidophilus as digestive aids, grape seed extract in lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, and papaya in helping to reduce bloating and increase energy.


There seems to be little evidence, however, to support Bromalite’s claims to aid in weight loss, improving metabolism or as an anti-depressant.


List of Ingredients

There is no comprehensive list of ingredients of Bromaline, but some key ingredients include Ginger, Mangosteen, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Papaya Extract and Acidophilus.

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  • Bromalite contains several ingredients that are known to aid digestion, lower cholesterol and have other healthful effects.
  • Testimonials are available on the official website.



  • There is no comprehensive list of ingredients for Bromalite, so customers cannot research all of the ingredients for safety and effectiveness.
  • There are only negative customer reviews of this product on other websites.
  • There are no guarantees of this product once it has been tried by the customer, so customers have no way to ensure the products’ effectiveness without buying them.
  • The advertising used by Bromalite is ethically dubious.
  • There is no evidence that Bromalite can aid in weight loss, increasing metabolism or act as an anti-depressant.


Bromalite claims to include only natural ingredients, although since a comprehensive ingredient list for this product is unavailable, this is impossible to verify. These products is also not regulated by the FDA. Furthermore, the company does not offer any money-back guarantees on the effectiveness of this product once it has been opened. There is a purported “free trial” widely advertised for this product that actually signs up the customer for expensive monthly charges for receiving monthly shipments. This product may have some actual health benefits, however, it seems to be impossible to purchase Bromalite without signing up for a monthly charge of $69.99, and the company does not instill a great deal of trust from its website or its general online presence.

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