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BullK is a test booster that manages to be unique in the very limited world of test boosters. The unique ingredient is bulbine natalensis baker (aqueous.) According to the product description from Anabolic Designs, this ingredient is extremely rare and only available in limited quantities. The batch of BullK used up all the bulbine-natalensis available, so any other product claiming to have this ingredient is simply lying to gain sales. We have a few problems with these claims. First, bulbine-natalensis comes from a cactus. In the weight loss world, cactus-derived ingredients are not well received because they are often more talk than they are proof. Next, we found clinical research completed on bulbine-natalensis dating back to 2009. The ingredient has been around for a while, so BullK is not the only supplement with access to these extremely rare ingredient. Finally, some clinical testing shows abnormal kidney and liver function after taking bulbine-natalensis so this ingredient is not considered safe for human consumption.

List of Ingredients

Zinc, Vitamin D.

BullK Plex: Acetyl L-Carnitine, Bulbine-Natalensis Baker, Avena Sativa, Rhodiola Rosea and Beta Ecdysterone.

Product Features

If we look at the ingredient list, minus the bulbine-natalensis, we find a common test booster. Some of the ingredients are included to inhibit estrogen and others to promote natural testosterone production. There is nothing spectacular about any of the ingredients in this formula, less bulbine-natalensis.

Bulbine-Natalensis is the extract of a cactus. Clinical testing has been completed on this ingredient and the results were not good. In a 14 day study, lab rats showed negative effects on liver and kidney function when taking 25, 50 or 100 mg of bulbine-natalensis. This result may not be in the human population, but an unsafe result in animal studies typically means the substance will not make it to human studies.

BullK does nothing to increase testosterone, but it may cause harmful side effects that could be life threatening. If the formula were proven, test boosters are not needed for weight loss, so the dieter would not need a product like BullK in the first place.

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  • Anabolic Designs lists all ingredients online.
  • Most of the ingredients are commonly used in testosterone boosters.
  • Can be stacked with other Anabolic Designs supplements.


  • BullK contains a cactus extract that may cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Not considered safe for use in humans.
  • Not designed for weight loss or appetite suppression.


While we don’t have a lot of faith in testosterone boosters, we have even less faith in a product with known health risks. BullK makes this product out to be the next big thing in bodybuilding, but the only big result is potential liver and kidney damage. Animal studies are not always parallel to human studies, but most bodybuilders are not willing to risk potential health implications for a product with no clinical support. The product description for BullK is all about selling an idea than proving a supplement is safe and effective.

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