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What You Should Know

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Bullseye7 is a weight loss and diet supplement designed to help burn fat and lose weight. There is little background information available on the product, but we will take a closer look at the ingredients to determine if there is any value to those who are looking to lose weight.

List Of Ingredients

Bullsye7 contains the following ingredients: Green Tea, Ashwangandha, Caffeine and Guarana.

Product Features

Bullseye7 contains green tea and caffeine, which in the right doses will provide a thermogenic effect. Guarana is another stimulant product, which offers no more than a little extra boost of caffeine. Ashwangandha is the unique ingredient in the formula, but there is no clinical research to support that it has anything to do with weight loss. It is a natural herb, but is commonly used to treat pain relief and inflammation. It lowers fever, and helps to boost the immune system for protection from infection and illness. It has also been shown to reduce stress, but once again, shows nothing about fat burning or appetite suppression. While the ingredients may help boost the metabolism and therefore fat burning power of the body, the stimulant nature may also cause negative side effects such as jitters and sleeplessness.

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  • Bullseye7 contains ingredients known to burn fat.


  • This supplement has little information available about where it comes from or the company that produces it..
  • Each serving only contains 555mg of all the ingredients combined. The optimal dose of green tea for weight loss is much higher, so it is not likely you will see results at all when using this supplement.
  • A bottle costs $49.95, so it is overpriced for what it offers.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • Stimulants cause negative side effects, so those who are sensitive to stimulants should use caution when taking a product like this one.


While this product does contain proven ingredients, it is known they are not in high enough amounts to produce results. We recommend making better use of your money with a product that is backed by clinical research and provides more information about its background. The formula combined with the fact that we cannot find information about where the product comes from is a major reason why we suggest people avoid this product. Look for supplements that contain proven amounts of powerful ingredients, then combine their use with a balanced diet and exercise program for best results.

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