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Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

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CalorieSmart is a compact battery operated tool to count calories and track food intake. This personal “diary” enables its user to carry information on thousands of meal items, not just grocery aisle products from more than 500 different brands and labels, but also from national restaurant chains and your favorite fat food outlets. All in a product small enough to fit in your pocket! With CalorieSmart the savvy dieter has a way to take control of what they choose to eat, which will enable them to move toward their dietary goals without having to play a guessing game with calories and fat. CalorieSmart is a calorie counter and nutrition reference that helps you keep goals and check your process progress – all in a compact, lightweight design.

Product Features

CalorieSmart is a handheld instrument that serves as a useful, multi-function tool for the dieter. With a look that is similar to a personal pocket calculator CalorieSmart functions as a kind of journal to keep a handle on every aspect of your diet, as well as to log exercise sessions. It enables the user to monitor how many calories they burn; as well as to check on nutrition facts for the food they eat. CalorieSmart can add up information on a number of diet related areas: How many Calories are in an item? What is the percentage of Carbs? Does it contain unnecessary Fat? How about healthy Fiber or Protein? And if you are trying to avoid Sodium, the CalorieSmart tool can help with that too. The answers to all your dietary questions are at your fingertips. The user can even catalog up to a year’s worth of information in the CalorieSmart and keep it with them for quick reference. In addition the CalorieSmart handheld device can be connected to a Personal Computer so the user can coordinate all their data in one place and even print out spreadsheets and graphs to help chart progress. The CalorieSmart runs $79.00 and at this time the company is covering the shipping fees.

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  • The CalorieSmart handheld device can give its user a wealth of information to help with their weight loss routine.
  • CaloreSmart is lightweight and portable.
  • CalorieSmart can serve as a journal and tracker.


  • The CalorieSmart device is only useful as an informational tool, independent of its user it cannot provide any results.
  • Will not actually help users lose weight.
  • May encourage obsessive calorie counting.


When trying to lose a few pounds or stick with a weight loss routine it is good to have a way of tracking your daily calories taken “in” through meals eaten, and the number of calories that go “out” through exercise.” Most people rely on the old method of writing down calories in a same notebook which they carry with them, then waiting until they get home to look the information up in a nutrition book or online. CalorieSmart offers a way to get the information you want in a lightweight personal device that can be carried for convenience. While the CalorieSmart won’t actually help the consumer lose weight, it can give them information to know if what they are doing on their own is working. Cutting calories and still not losing weight? The CalorieSmart can let you know, so that you can take a proactive stance to “jump start” your diet program. Comprehensive details of calorie and consumption and weight loss are especially helpful in determining whether you need to add a supplement to your routine, in order to give an extra boost to your weight loss plan.

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