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Carbotrap is a carb blocking supplement sold by TV Shopping USA. The official website is in Spanish, but an English version of the website is available. The ingredients are listed on the official website. Consumers can read testimonials and order the product from the website.

TV Shopping USA is not a trusted weight loss supplement company. The information available to the dieter from the website is minimal, at best. There are no clinical research studies to back the ingredients and some of the ingredients are thought to cause unhealthy side effects. Consumer complaints are noted for the company and product reviews on a third-party website claim the supplement simply does not work as claimed. These are all negative hits to Carbotrap.

List of Ingredients

White Kidney Bean, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit, Kola Nut and Green Tea.

Product Features

Each of the ingredients in Carbotrap has a long description. Much of the information is regurgitated from other sources on the Internet. References to clinical trials supporting the carbohydrate blocking ability of white kidney bean extract are not listed. White kidney bean does not work by blocking carbs. It prevents carbs from being broken into smaller pieces for prolonged use in the body; thus, the carbohydrates burn faster as the body’s first source of fuel.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit is a supplement of great concern. Many popular supplements containing this ingredient have been pulled from store shelves due to potential negative side effects, including possible damage to the liver. Despite companies claiming there was no issue with the pulled supplements, new supplements were released by the same companies with green coffee bean replacing garcinia cambogia. We would like to see research completed on the potential threats of this ingredient before supporting any supplement containing garcinia cambogia.

Kola nut is a source of caffeine. Caffeine is a proven fat burner, but we have no idea how much of this ingredient is included in Carbotrap. Kola nut will not block carbohydrates, which is the entire purpose behind this supplement.

Green tea is another proven ingredient. The makers of Carbotrap could have included hundreds of research studies to support any claims of weight loss and increased metabolism, but none are published. This is a huge oversight as giving the consumer proof of your claims is important when trust is the major factor between a sale and a lost sale.

Carbotrap sells for $59.95. This supplement is far too expensive for the ingredients listed on the label. It is not likely that any weight loss will result from taking Carbotrap and consumers may wish to look elsewhere for a company with a proven track records and clinical evidence to back up claims, whether they are weight loss claims or carb blocking claims.

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  • Complete ingredient list published on the official website.
  • Online ordering is supported.
  • Kola nut is a source of caffeine – proven to boost weight loss.
  • Green tea is a safe, effective weight loss ingredient.


  • Dieters have no idea how much of each ingredient is included.
  • Garcinia cambogia may be an unhealthy ingredient.


We suggest dieters take another look around for a supplement they can trust. Carbotrap is not likely to give them the freedom to eat carbs without gaining weight.

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    Is carbotrap recomended for a person with a Lupus condition?


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