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What You Should Know

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Here’s another “six pack abs” machine with a little twist. The CardioTwister website boasts that Brenda Dygraf’s (International Fitness Expert) CardioTwister guarantees that users of this ab machine will lose 10″ in 10 days or your money will be refunded in full. The CardioTwister system combines twist and cardio exercises with a fat burning diet for fast weight loss results.

The CardioTwister website claims that while regular steppers move up and down, Brenda’s exercise machine twists your waist while moving your legs up, down, and in and out for sleeker, sexier abs and legs. The CardioTwister combines a unique and power duel drive gear box that allows for bi-directional stepping and twisting that will tighten your entire core. The website also recognized that results will vary among users and that the participants involved in their study used the Cardio twister on a regular basis and followed the CardioTwister exercise plan.

Product Features

The CardioTwister features a unique, bi-directional gear box that allows for twisting and stepping at the same time. The exercise product also includes two 35 minute DVDs that show the user how to make the most of their new CardioTwister and how to get the best results. It also includes a diet plan. Purchasers can also try out the CardioTwister for 30 days with a minimal (and refundable) investment of $14.95 to assure satisfaction.

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  • Two 35 minute workout DVDs are included with your purchase.
  • The product includes a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Users can work the entire lower half of the body with one machine.


  • The 30 day money back guarantee is not free. Purchasers must pay a $14.95 to try the equipment to find out if it is right for them.
  • The CardioTwister comes with a limited 60 day warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. Additional warranty coverage can be purchased for a $5.00 per year fee.
  • The 60 day warranty does not cover the shipping cost of returning the product for repair or replacement.
  • The CardioTwister is not available in stores, so the purchaser cannot get a feel for the product in advance of receiving it.


The CardioTwister offers a unique feature in that it works the entire lower body all in one workout. While the website has success stories and testimonials, should the average user expect to lose ten inches in ten days? The money back guarantee does allow the work out enthusiast an opportunity to try the product without a large risk. The single payment method of $199.80 does include an additional workout video at no extra charge and claims your order will receive priority processing. Purchasers can also take advantage of CardioTwister’s payment plan, which provides for 4 payments of $49.95 each. The additional warranty coverage of $5.00 per year does give a little piece of mind when purchasing a product with a limited 60 day warranty.

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