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Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0

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Cellutech is a product intended to help stimulate the body into burning cellulite. Many products like this exist on the market, and it’s often difficult to decide whether a given product is worth looking into. The best diet, weight loss and cellulite burning products will incorporate a variety of methods, such as diet, exercise and a possible thermogenic supplement to help the body burn fat more easily. We feel that no matter how effective the latter component of any weight loss plan is it won’t work without a steady commitment to diet and exercise. There are plenty of resources that aid in this. Cellutech should be of some use, but in order to determine that we need to find out what it actually does for the body. Finding as much information as possible is important when looking for a good weight loss product to be certain that it does so safely.


At the time of this review, we can’t find any substantial ingredients listings for this product.

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In fact, we have reason to believe it doesn’t exist on the market anymore, given the lack of information on it. This is a bad sign, for several reasons – we think that if a product had really been effective at helping people to lose weight, it wouldn’t have gone off market unless there were a valid reason to do so. Some of these reasons could be that it was dangerous, that it didn’t live up to its promises and therefore went out of business, or other factors. Overall there really isn’t any way to tell without having found testimonials about it.

From the looks of this product, it looked to be a sort of machine, but this machine was really too large to conveniently fit in anyone’s home. This makes us think that it was likely a commercial product more than an individual one.

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  • From what we could tell, this product appeared to be non-invasive. There weren’t any complicated procedures required.
  • Also, it claimed to have had some weight-loss benefits. However, we would have to see testimonials to fully agree.


  • Cellutech was apparently ineffective, because it no longer is on the market. Effective products continue to sell.
  • Even when it was available, it used to cost nearly $2000. Not too many people could likely afford a product like this and it leads us to believe that it was something intended for companies rather than private homes.


Given that Cellutech no longer is on the market, we have to come to the conclusion that it was ineffective. There is also a very serious lack of information – because of these two facts, we would recommend looking elsewhere. Even if this product were still available you could likely find something effective for cheaper.

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