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One of the main problems that people have when trying to lose weight is the fact that they still crave sweets and other things that they would eat when not on a diet. The reason sweets are such a problem is that they have a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, making them easy to metabolize into fat. Because of this, they often give up on their diets fairly quickly and become discouraged. There are some products on the market such as appetite suppressants, but some people prefer not to rely on these and would rather be able to enjoy their food normally. This is where Chatila’s Sugar Free Gourmet comes in. It’s a sampling of various sweets that people would normally eat but they can’t due to a restriction in their diet. Although discipline is required in a diet, it’s all right to occasionally relax and have a treat, because it’s demoralizing otherwise.


Chatila’s Sugar Free Gourmet Sampler includes 1 Cinnamon Roll, 1 Vanilla Doughnut with Vanilla Crème, 1 Chocolate Doughnut with Chocolate Crème, 1 Mini Original Cheesecake and 6 assorted muffins. From what we can tell, it seems that Chatila’s is mainly involved in creating these types of sweets, so that people are able to have sugary foods without actually eating the sugar and thus ruining their diet. However, we aren’t able to find out exactly how they are made as pertains to further weight loss aids. We feel it’s important to know these things.

Product Features

You can get a sample of Chatila’s Sugar Free Gourmet from several places online, like Amazon. There isn’t an official website for this product, however. Generally, this product costs about $19.95, which seems relatively cheap. Because these are perishable good, it’s required in the United States to add expedited shipping, which costs nearly $18. This is likely to cause many people not to bother – nearly $30 for a sample is simply too much to ask.

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  • The sweets are made without sugar, making it easier for people on diets to enjoy them.
  • They can be found relatively easily online, although there is no official website.


  • It’s mandatory to have expedited shipping, which can be quite expensive.
  • Chatila’s Sugar Free Gourmet isn’t really intended as a diet product per se – there is no weight loss or thermogenic property associated with it.
  • We feel that the cost even without shipping is quite expensive for a sample. Granted, a whole cheesecake is included.


Although it’s good to be able to enjoy baked goods while on a diet, it isn’t vital to do so. We certainly appreciate the idea of a treat every now and then, but we feel that such things could be more easily bought from a local grocery store in the health food section. It’s always important to remember to keep a healthy diet and exercise. Simply choosing to eat sugar-free sweets as opposed to normal ones will accomplish nothing on its own.

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