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If you really want to lose excess body fat and get in shape, it is necessary to adopt healthy living habits, eat a reasonable diet, and exercise regularly. This is why so many new and innovative exercise machines and different types of fitness equipment are emerging each year. As Seen on TV is a website that markets all sorts of fitness equipment to women and men for weight loss and getting fit. The product we will examine in this review is Chest Magic. You may have seen this product before on an infomercial. It is geared toward women and men alike, and sells for $99.99 (plus shipping and handling fees).


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Product Features

Chest Magic is a fitness device that assists you with working out your chest, abdominals, shoulders, back, and core. This piece of equipment rests on the floor, and has a track with a handle on it for each hand. This way you can get into push-up position, and grab a handle with each hand. The handles slide along the track, and allow you to get into several positions in order to workout. This includes the dip position as well. The Chest Magic folds up to be stored in a closet, corner, or underneath a bed.

According to the official website, the Chest Magic is suitable for users of all fitness levels. This device essentially helps you strengthen and build your upper body. It only takes a few minutes each day to use, and is supposed to replace exercises like crunches, push-ups, bicep curls, chest flys, and dips. An exercise chart comes with Chest Magic, as well as an instructional DVD. This unique piece of equipment allows for over a dozen different exercises. A helpful video is provided on the main website to show you how the Chest Magic product works.

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  • This workout device assists with upper-body strengthening.
  • Chest Magic folds up to be stored easily.
  • You may be able to accomplish four different exercises at the same time.


  • This workout device does not assist with cardiovascular fitness.
  • No weight loss supplements are taken with Chest Magic.
  • This product is more for building your upper body, than it is for losing excess fat.
  • No healthy diet plan is mentioned with this fitness device.


In the end, Chest Magic is basically an exercise tool to help you build your chest, arms and core. While this is wonderful, it is unlikely that this piece of fitness equipment is ideal for those striving to shed unwanted body fat. In fact, you may benefit more from regular cardiovascular exercise. As for Chest Magic, this could be used in addition to cardio exercise, in order to help you strengthen your upper body. Keep in mind that there are plenty of products like this to consider these days.

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