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Chickweed is a flowering plant common all around the world, but is mostly prevalent in Europe, where it first originated. It has been traditionally used as a topical ointment to treat cuts and sores, due to its cooling effect on the skin, and it was also rumored to be an anti-obesity aid during the turn of the century. It is mainly used today as a diuretic and as an additive to dishes due to its grassy but mild flavor, but it is heavily included in “natural” diet supplements as a metabolism booster. It is heavily debated if it causes this effect, but this has not stopped diet companies from claiming it does. Its availability is a plus for dieters it can harvested in your backyard (it is a common weed) or bought in supplement form, depending on how you wish to use the plant. Whether your intent is to lose weight or to spice up your salad, Chickweed is abundant and widely available.

Its medicinal effects have been utilized since its arrival in Europe and the Americas, but recent studies show that it may contain some legitimate benefits. These benefits may not be diet-related, however.


Chickweed contains Vitamin C, antioxidants, protein, and phytosterols.

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Chickweed contains some benefits, which include some diuretic and “soothing” properties on the skin. Evidence shows that the chemicals in Chickweed promote a cooling effect on the skin, which may be why it has been utilized as a popular skin soother for centuries in Asia and Europe. It is also shown to be a diuretic and helps increase water loss from the body when consumed. This may not necessarily be a good thing too much water loss may cause dehydration.

Evidence about its dietary properties are sparse, but a couple of studies show that the chemicals in Chickweed may speed up the metabolism. This appears to be a minimal effect, however, so it should not be depended on. It is also said to gain the most from this effect, dieters should also eat a healthy diet and make sure to get plenty of exercise. Eating a healthy diet while adding herbs that may stimulate thermogenic properties may be one option to consider.

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  • Is widely found in Europe and America, and can even be cultivated at home. Is said to contain some metabolic properties.


  • It contains minimal dietary benefits, and more benefits may be gained from a healthy diet.
  • Contains little thermogenic benefits.
  • Does not help suppress appetite.


Chickweed is a delicious additive to food and is widely used to soothe wounds, but its dietary benefits are minimal at best, and may not provide many benefits for dieters. Seeking a more complete supplement, or adding additional dietary herbs to a healthy diet, may provide more noticeable results.

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7 User Reviews about Chickweed

  • 1

    I’m planning in going on a 60 day water fast but I want to incorporate chickweed supplement has any one tried it this way for extrem weight loss


  • 2

    I was told chickweed is good for cholesterol, would you recommend it?


  • 3
    that girl

    I was 174 pds 2wks ago. I decided to take a good colon cleanse for 10 days then took chickweed capsules. I now weigh 163 pds. I do believe it dissolves fat. My stomach is flatter and with fruits and vegetables, chickweed works for me!


  • 4

    I’m 43 and have used chickweed off and on since I was 17. It helps to suppress the appetite, rids the body of excess fat including cellulite. However be careful of ingesting herbs without the supervision of a medical expert. It could be extremely dangerous.



    I am thinking about taking this herb. Please tell me how long it took before u saw results with the weight loss and cellulite redcution


  • 5

    This actually does suppress your appetite. I take chickweed every morning because I work out a lot and its an anti inflammatory making for rapid muscle recovery. When I take chickweed I have to remind my self to eat because it makes you feel so full. To test this just try it your self. take it 2hrs before you eat and see what happens. I guarantee you will find this to be true.


  • 6
    christella wilson

    i think that this is a good way of lost weight.