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There are many different tools and method for people to lose weight if needed. ChicoMetrics is a fitness program specifically designed for this purpose. One of the main draws of this program is that it uses low-impact exercises like to keeps them from getting the fullest use out of the program to prevent injury. We acknowledge the possibilities of this program, but it should also be noted that no matter what, a good diet and thermogenic supplement are needed to tone up and lose weight as well. There is never a simple and quick way to bring about weight loss. The important thing is that ChicoMetrics delivers on its promise for a fitness workout without damaging the joints. In addition we like to gather as much information about this product as possible.


As stated, the program of ChicoMetrics is mainly an exercise regiment fro people who have just had surgery and therefore have weaker joins or for people who naturally have weak joins or are recovering from an injury. Actual workouts are taught at classes in various locations, but the website was unable to provide information to us as to when and where. For those unable to make the journey to work out at a gym, a ChicoMetrics DVD workout program is available for purchase. IT seems that this program is geared mainly toward working out muscles rather than specifically losing weight, because it focuses on isometric and isotonic resistance exercise where weight loss would focus on cardiovascular exercise.

Product Features

The videos and all other information can be found on the product website. In addition, there are plenty of testimonials and before-and-after photographs of people who have entered the program. We wish there were more information about a few of the exercises so that people could get a bit of information without having to make any purchase however.

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  • This workout program was created by a doctor who had knowledge in the area of fitness.
  • The website for the ChicoMetrics program has plenty of testimonials and before-and-after photos to show the results people have experienced.
  • Because the exercises are very low-impact, there isn’t much worry about stressing the joints. In fact the exercises were supposedly designed with that fact in mind.


  • This is more of a normal workout program than a weight loss program.
  • Because it’s not geared specifically to weight loss, there really isn’t much in the way of promoting any appetite suppressants or thermogenics. We feel these are important to weight loss, although not completely vital.
  • There have been no organized studies that prove ChicoMetrics has weight loss abilities.


Although the thought of low-impact exercise is appealing to many people, it simply isn’t likely to be enough to lose weight on its own. We do like the fact that the company provided evidence that the program works in the form of testimonials and photos. However, we would like more information about dieting and thermogenic supplements if the company intends to market itself as geared toward weight loss.

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    Chicometrics does not say it will help you lose weight by itself. The program says that you need to do at least 3 days of cardio in addition to the 2 days with the DVD. The program does say if you do both the cardio and the DVD you will start to lose inches around your body.