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Cholestatin III is a product that’s intended to help bring down cholesterol in an effort to induce weight loss. It’s often very hard for some people to lose weight, because they may find it impossible to stick to a diet. Cholesterol is often associated with overweightness and obesity even though there is little scientific proof. High cholesterol causes fatty deposits to turn up on the insides of the arteries, leading to heart attacks. It turns out that the main ingredients of Cholestatin III are phytosterols, which are compounds that keep cholesterol in foods from being absorbed by the body during digestion. This can possibly help weight loss because a link has been shown between cholesterol and weight. However, cholesterol may not be the only factor to look for when losing weight. A healthy diet and exercise are required as well. We’ll review Cholestatin III to see how effective it is.


Cholestatin III mainly contains proteins called phytosterols. These ingredients are created from plants, and are basically steroid-based alcohols. They act by causing the cholesterols in food to not be digested. We feel that this may not be the most effective approach to losing weight. The real method of losing weight is to have a good diet and exercise regimen, along with a thermogenic supplement or appetite suppressant. Although it’s good to have something to affect cholesterol, it’s not really the way to go about losing weight. Also, we feel that a good energy booster might be of help to increase the metabolism.

Product Features

The website of this product is up and running, and can provide some basic information. There is the ability to order, and the price for a bottle of 100 pills costs approximately $10.95. We feel that there should also be user testimonials, because at this time there were none.

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  • Cholestatin III may have some benefit in helping the body to lower its cholesterol level. However, this should not be used as a method of weight loss.
  • The price is very affordable – moreso than some supplements we’ve reviewed.


  • Cholestatin IIIl isn’t intended to be a weight loss supplement. Although there might be a link between cholesterol levels and obesity, it has yet to be proven. We would advise caution.
  • Currently the online ordering function is hard to safely access.
  • There are no user testimonials available at the time of review.
  • There isn’t any refund guarantee.


Cholesterol is a serious problem, and it may have a link to weight loss, but there isn’t any actual proof. We like the idea of this product, but if you’re looking for something specifically intended for weight loss we would likely recommend looking elsewhere due to the lack of thermogenics and appetite suppressants.

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