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Choline is a grouping of a Vitamin B complex and an organic compound which is a water soluble nutrient. Between 425 – 550 mg of this “micronutrient” is considered to be an adequate daily intake for adults according to the Food and Nutrition Board at the ‘Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences’. The human body naturally produces some Choline on its own but for weight loss Choline should be added as a dietary supplement. Choline is supposed to help with lipid metabolism but there is not much proof that this type of supplement will have any effect on eliminating body fat or that ingesting large quantities of Choline will increase the rate at which the human body will metabolize extra fat.

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Choline Bitartrate.

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Choline is said to serve multiple functions in the human body such as protecting the liver from accumulating fat. Choline is also found in a variety of foods such as egg yolk, liver, cabbage, cauliflower, lentils, caviar, and nuts.

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  • Choline is common and is naturally found in foods.
  • Choline is naturally produced in the body.


  • Taking large amounts of Choline has been shown to cause a person to have a fishy body odor, bouts of nausea, hypotension, flatulence, sweating, diarrhea, and excessive salivation, and depression.
  • There is no evidence that Choline will aid in weight loss.


In 1998, scientists approved the use of Choline as a dietary supplement suggesting that a shortage of Choline might lead to serious health problems. Choline could possibly trigger seizures for those with existing epilepsy. There is no proof that dietary Choline supplements will work as an effective weight loss aid. Choline is available for purchase at many online retail sites which carry vitamins and supplements. Many local grocery and drugstores may carry Choline as well. Choline is reasonably priced and affordable for the average consumer.

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