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Clutch Fitness is an online forum dedicated to extreme training and bodybuilding. The forum is free to join and various tools are available to forum members. Common discussions include burning body fat, increasing muscle strength and definition and supplement cycling. This forum is not dedicated to weight loss in a traditional sense. Dieters will not find advice on how to cut calories and workout to lose weight. Various books are listed on the side of the forum promoting fat loss, protein intake and flexible dieting for bodybuilding.

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Forum for bodybuilding advice.

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A bodybuilding forum is not the same as a weight loss forum. Bodybuilders use cycles to increase muscle mass, lean the body and cut the fat so muscles show through strong for a competition. This cycling requires unique diets, supplements and workout routines. Competitive bodybuilders often workout for a living, constantly in preparation for the next competition, whereas dieters workout to reduce fat and weight. There may be some advice appropriate for dieters, if bodybuilders share cutting and diets to lose fat.

Clutch Fitness offers free downloads and tools for the forum member. Popular downloads include training templates, bodybuilder’s grocery list and 12-week superset fat burning plan. In order to download files, visitors must sign up for the forum. We could access the forum posts, but we could not respond without joining Clutch Fitness.

The average dieter may find a few threads pertaining to general weight loss and weight loss supplements. Bodybuilding supplements are not the same as weight loss supplements. In some cases, the two contain similar ingredients to increase metabolism and help the body shed fat, but often bodybuilding supplements are far stronger than weight loss supplements for the average dieter.

Clutch Fitness does not promote a specific diet – the users promote many. There is no one supplement that is better than others – there are many. The problem with a forum of this size is that dieters lose the best information in a sea of new information.

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  • Active forum dedicated to exercise and bodybuilding.
  • Free to join.
  • Tools and downloads at no charge.


  • Too many posts for the average dieter to sort through for supplement and diet information.
  • Not created for the average dieter.
  • Clutch Fitness is just a forum – nothing more.


If a dieter is looking to increase their fitness level with a little bodybuilding, Clutch Fitness is an ideal choice. The forum is active and participants are non-judgmental. However, if general weight loss and a cardio routine are all the dieter is looking for, Clutch Fitness is not the ideal solution. Other weight loss forums are available with topics dedicated to making life healthier and the scale number lower.

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