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Beginning a weight loss journey is an emotional experience to begin. The inventor of Coco Trim, Dean Tornabene, is a former Mr. America. Coco Trim is actually one part of a three part diet system called Look Cut. Coco Trim is the appetite suppressant portion of the program.


With Coco Trim the idea is not for consumers to have to adhere to a strict diet. Rather, their food preferences can be catered to and the restrictive feeling of being told a food is ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’ is not an issue. Instead, the consumer is able to take one of the pills and their appetite will decrease, which will cause them to eat less of the foods they love so they are able to lose weight. Unfortunately, this does not teach the dieter how to choose healthy foods or how to eat in moderation on their own.


List of Ingredients


Coco Trim contains a proprietary blend of D-8 insinol, pinnothin TG, conjugated linoliec acid oil, citrus auratium PE, guarana blend simalum caralumma, banaba leaf, bioperine, piper nigrum, rice bran oil, bees wax, caramel color, FD&c color, natural cocoa flavor.


Product Features


Coco Trim works by targeting several weight loss mechanisms. The ingredients are supposed to not only fight hunger but also burn fat. It is recommended that one to two pills be taken in the morning and one to two additional can also be taken in the evening as needed. The gel capsules are advertised as tasting great and being absorbed quickly by the body.


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  • Appetite suppressant.
  • Easy to purchase online
  • Free shipping from the company




  • Three different products required for the program
  • Moderately expensive.
  • The exact amounts in the proprietary blend are not listed, which makes it difficult to assess effectiveness.
  • Exercise is suggested to help the weight loss process but specific instructions are not given.
  • No money back guarantee.




It is nice that the Look Cut program acknowledges that the battle to lose weight is one that must be fought on several fronts. Using Coco Trim to suppress your appetite and burn fat is a good thing, but the fact that it has to be used in conjunction with other products is not so good. In fact, to properly follow the plan you would have to take multiple supplements multiple times a day. Add to that the considerable financial requirements and this program begins to look less appealing. Finally, the fact that the company does not offer a money back guarantee speaks volumes about their confidence in their own product. If they aren’t certain it will work, how can they expect you to be?

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