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Compex is a company that sells several varieties of muscle stimulators. The stimulators attached leads to pads placed on the muscle to cause a voluntary muscle reaction. The reaction is similar to the ones that occur during exercise, but the heart is not involved. Athletes commonly use muscle stimulators to recover after intense exercise, workouts or competition. In terms of weight loss and muscle gain, products from Compex will have little effect for the average dieter.

The official website for Compex offers detailed descriptions and direct ordering for all Compex models. Prices are much higher than competitor models. The current Compex muscle stimulators being sold are Compex Sport Elite ($999.99), Compex Performance US ($579.99) and Compex Fitness Trainer ($429.99). One previous model is listed on the website – Compex Sport ($579.99).

List of Ingredients

Compex Muscle Stimulator, Battery Charger, CD User Manual, Electrode Placement Guide, Carrying Case, Easy Snap Electrode Wires, and Easy Snap Gel Electrodes in two sizes.

Product Features

Compex models vary in many ways, but the most common is the number of preset programs available on the unit. Programs are setup for different uses including massage, recovery, warm-up, resistance and strength. The user simply follows the guidebook and places electrodes on the body. The lead wires move electricity from the portable unit to the pads where the muscle is stimulated. With regular use, a Compex muscle stimulator can define muscles, but it will not work the heart muscle.

Athletes must perform cardiovascular exercise in addition to using the Compex muscle stimulator to stay in shape. The machine will not have any effect on endurance, weight loss or metabolism. There is no mention of diet, alternative or supplementary exercise routines or weight loss in the Compex literature.

Compex units are very expensive, so extreme athletes are often the only ones purchasing the units. Dieters may see some benefit in the massage or recovery department, but this effect will not promote weight loss directly. Using the Compex muscle stimulator for pain relief could help the dieter recover faster from a workout making them more apt to workout the next day.

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  • Various preset programs allow the user to choose how to use the muscle stimulator.
  • Could help an athlete recover faster.
  • Tones muscles.


  • Compex muscle stimulators are very expensive.
  • The units will not increase metabolism or weight loss.
  • No diet plan included with the unit.


Compex is a company dedicated to athletes and optimum performance. Intense and extreme athletes can use the Compex muscles stimulators to improve muscle performance and reduce recovery time. In a competitive setting, this is important. For the average dieter, the Compex company offers no products for weight loss.

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