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Just when you think you have seen it all, another new and innovative weight loss product is released. Needless to say, countless men and women are struggling with weight reduction and fat loss worldwide. This is why we created this review of the product, Cool Shapes. It can be acquired online, and is primarily suited for women.

Cool Shapes is marketed as a thigh and tummy trimmer. Unlike many over-the-counter pills and tablets, this product does not involve any dietary supplements. In fact, it just involves making certain parts of your body cold. This in turn is supposed to affect fat cells. While it does not destroy or remove them, it is claimed to minimize them.

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Product Features

Cool Shapes are claimed to help people freeze away fat. Basically Cool Shapes is a pair of contouring shorts. The idea behind this product is that cold temperatures aid with fat reduction. By making the body’s exterior colder in certain areas, white fat tissue is supposed to shrink and shrivel up to some degree. By wearing these compression shorts, women are better able to address common fatty areas like the thighs, tummy, lower back, and buttocks. Cool Shapes actually utilizes frozen gel inserts, which resemble the gel packets used in lunchboxes. These contoured shorts with gel packs can be worn beneath comfortable apparel. They may even make some pants or jeans fit better. According to the official website, this is a “science-based” fat loss method. There are before and after photos provided on the primary website (displays a woman’s body after five weeks of wearing Cool Shapes). The cost of this product is $99.95, which includes the contouring shorts (with eight pockets), and four gel pack inserts (6” x 9” in size). Both blue and purple shorts are available.

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  • A hepful FAQ section is provided on the official website.
  • You only have to purchase Cool Shapes one time.
  • Before and after photos are provided.


  • There is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided with Cool Shapes.
  • This weight loss product is basically geared toward women only.
  • A supplement formula with proven ingredients may be more convenient and effective.
  • The customer testimonials presented on the main website are very minimal.
  • There is no scientific proof that these shorts work to decrease body fat.


All in all, Cool Shapes comes across as a “weight loss” product that has not been proven in any way. While this is certainly a unique approach to slimming down, it may raise a few eyebrows. After all, this company wants $99.95 for a pair of tight shorts and four freezer gel packs. It is nice to see that a few customer testimonials are posted, but there is no money-back guarantee offered with Cool Shapes. This alone will likely deter many dieters.

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    Jamie Burke

    UPDATE on Cool Shapes by FreezeAwayFat is now offered as a Cool Shapes System which includes 4 gel packets, an eight pocketed compression garment, a mesh case to store the gel packs, and a attractive travel case. FreezeAwayFat offers a full refund ( minus shipping and handling) within 3 days of purchase.


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    you wont even receive it in less than 3 days so the 3 day money back guarantee doesnt serve a purpose for the consumer!


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