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What You Should Know

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Those marketing and selling the Core Sculptor say that it is a unique training system for the abdominal muscles and other muscles in the body, that uses a system of “rolling resistance” to help you lose weight, tone your muscles and increase your energy levels. They claim that the Core Sculptor is suitable for both athletes and beginners. The manufacturers assert that it will help users achieve their fitness goals in just a few minutes a day.


There are no ingredients, Core Sculptor is a body training and toning device.

Product Features

There does not seem to be an official website for Core Sculptor but it can be ordered online at a price of $49.95. If you order Core Sculptor, as well as the body toning device, you will also receive two resistence bands that the manufacturers say will help the body achieve the three levels of resistence needed for the Core Sculptor programme. You will also receive a DVD workout video, a meal plan, a recipe book and a journal to track your progress. The manufacturers say that the four easy workouts, as explained in the DVD video, will help you tone and sculpt your midsection. They tell us that the workouts using the Core Sculptor will help target your lower and upper abdomen, your lower back and your gut. They further explain that the “power chord”, which is an integral part of the Core Sculptor, will resist you on the way out, but assist you on the way in. They say that to achieve results you will only need to use the Core Sculptor for a few minutes per day.

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  • The Core Sculptor can be ordered directly online.
  • When you order the Core Sculptor, you will also receive a DVD video, a recipe book, a journal, a meal plan and two resistance bands.
  • The Core Sculptor and the package that comes with it is reasonably priced.


  • There is no clinical evidence provided showing that the Core Sculptor works as claimed.
  • This product is designed more for people who want to tone muscles, than for those who are seriously overweight.
  • Not all users, especially those suffering from weight-related health issues, may be physically capable of performing the necessary exercises on the Core Sculptor.
  • There does not seem to be a money back guarantee from the manufacturer.


At the end of the day it would seem that the Core Sculptor is designed more for people who would like to improve their muscle tone than for the individual who really needs to lose some serious weight. The Core Sculptor is reasonably priced and comes with a DVD video showing you some workouts. We do not see any evidence, however, that it is superior to other body sculpting devices on the market, or that it is the most practical way for the average user to actually lose weight.

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    i wanna when you say its not for people who are overweight what do you mean by that exactully ? i weigh 245 so does that mean it wont work for me ?